May 062014

N Allen Sawyer is a notorious political consultant in San Joaquin County. Several years ago he pled guilty to a federal felony related to attempting to rig bids for a power plant coming in to San Joaquin County.

Deposed and disgraced Sheriff Baxter Dunn was also involved and he did hard time for a felony related to the caper. Baxter Dunn was a client of Sawyer’s. Another co-conspirator Monte McFall pled guilty to several felonies.

At the time Sawyer committed his crime(s), he worked in the Gray Davis administration. Ironically, Sawyer worked in the Criminal Justice administration when he was arrested.

Sawyer was alleged (and pled guilty related to) to having been involved in strong-arming local interests in to hiring his consulting firm to run their projects and if the target refused, Sawyer used his stable of local elected clients to kill any interests of those that did not pay.

N Allen Sawyer pled guilty to a federal felony of honest services fraud. In 2011, the US Supreme Court ruled that the law was so broad that it was unconstitutional. It was for this reason, not Sawyer’s innocence, that the conviction was vacated by an appeals court after Sawyer had served time in federal prison.

Allen Sawyer sees it differently and he will protest his innocence far and wide. The Federal Prosecutor that prosecuted him, U.S. Attorney Benjamin Wagner has said he’d prosecute Sawyer again.

The FBI was able to get Sawyer convicted because he testified publicly in favor of a power plant arrangement that he failed to disclose his own financial interest in. In the court documents are damning evidence suggesting influence peddling, bid-rigging, backroom deals and the like. Allen Sawyer is remiss to ever address any of the evidence offered against him.

Worse, when his co-conspirator Monty McFall had a chance to get several of his convictions overturned, Allen Sawyer envoked the fifth amendment to avoid testifying on McFall’s behalf. If Sawyer was an innocent man, why not testify as such?

If you were to speak with Sawyer today, he never acknowledges what he did, much less that he did anything wrong.

Sawyer has a huge problem – the legal documents indicate that he can now be prosecuted for the charges that were previously dropped. Why? Because the circumstances of his prior conviction were changed.

Today, Allen Sawyer is connected to and consulting for a variety of candidates including Sheriff Candidate Pat Withrow.

It also appears that Sawyer may be attempting to rebuild his political empire that was destroyed by the prosecutions.

Could Withrow’s candidacy with N Allen Sawyer behind the curtain be an attempt to bring back the “Good Old Days” when you had to call Baxter Dunn, Sawyer, McFall and others in order to do business in San Joaquin County?

This is key – because Jerry McNerney will be relying on people like Sawyer to stay in office. The stench of corruption appears to be descending on San Joaquin County once again.

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