Feb 192014

Recently, Jodie (My Wife) went to Haiti on a trip with Food for the Poor. She is on the air now raising awareness and money for them.

She met Baby Francois in an orphanage, all the little boy could do was scream and sob in pain as the pressure in his head was unbearable.

Francois was to have had life-saving surgery on 2/21, when the surgeon that volunteers for Food for the Poor was to be in the area.

Francois did not survive long enough. He died on 2/17. Here is a little kid that will never grow up.










Jodie does these trips and fundraisers because she cares about these causes. Life is not fair. People try to make life fair – that is not the point of Food for the Poor. They come in and transform villages and teach people how to survive and sustain a community. This is quite different from the corruption of government or an opressive social welfare system.

Food For the Poor is one of the most ethical and most efficient charities you could ever support.

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