Feb 022014

No one listened to Romney. Now America is listening.

For Many Americans, ObamaCare Is “Driving Their Premiums Way Up – In Some Cases Doubling Them, Or More.” “The few people who made it through the website are seeing their options for the first time, and some are not happy about what they’re seeing. Those with lower incomes are eligible for substantial subsidies, but middle income folks making 400 percent of poverty or more don’t get a thing, and the new insurance market rules are driving their premiums way up — in some cases doubling them, or more.” (Brett Norman and Jonathan Allen, “ObamaCare Headaches: More Than The Website,” Politico, 10/28/13)

The Middle-Class Faces “Hefty Increases On Their Insurance Bills” Due To ObamaCare. “These middle-class consumers are staring at hefty increases on their insurance bills as the overhaul remakes the health care market. Their rates are rising in large part to help offset the higher costs of covering sicker, poorer people who have been shut out of the system for years.” (Chad Terhune, “Some Health Insurance Gets Pricier As ObamaCare Rolls Out,” Los Angeles Times, 10/26/13)

  • The Losers Under ObamaCare Are “Relatively Healthy Middle-Income Small-Business Owners, Consultants, Lawyers And Other Self-Employed Workers Who Buy Their Own Insurance.” “If the poor, sick and uninsured are the winners under the Affordable Care Act, the losers appear to include some relatively healthy middle-income small-business owners, consultants, lawyers and other self-employed workers who buy their own insurance. Many make too much to qualify for new federal subsidies provided by the law but not enough to absorb the rising costs without hardship. Some are too old to go without insurance because they have children or have minor health issues, but they are too young for Medicare.” (Ariana Eunjung Cha and Lena H. Sun, “For Consumers Whose Health Premiums Will Go Up Under New Law, Sticker Shock Leads To Anger,” The Washington Post, 11/2/13)

For Americans That Have Had Their Health Plans Cancelled Because Of ObamaCare, They Must Now Purchase More Expensive Policies. “The growing backlash involves people whose plans are being discontinued because the policies don’t meet the law’s more-stringent standards. They’re finding that many alternative policies come with higher premiums and deductibles.” (Ariana Eunjung Cha and Lena H. Sun, “For Consumers Whose Health Premiums Will Go Up Under New Law, Sticker Shock Leads To Anger,” The Washington Post, 11/2/13)

Many People Who Had Plans Cancelled Due To ObamaCare Will See “Sticker Shock” Through Higher Deductibles. “Many policyholders whose old plans were canceled because they don’t meet the coverage standards of the health law are facing higher prices in the exchanges. ‘They’re seeing sticker shock’ in transitioning to the more-comprehensive coverage, and ‘once they start to use the policy, they will see a second sticker shock’ of high deductibles, said Jamie Court, president of public-interest group Consumer Watchdog in California.” (Leslie Scism And Timothy W. Martin, “High Deductibles Fuel New Worries Of Health-Law Sticker Shock,” The Wall Street Journal, 12/8/13)

ObamaCare Will “Accelerate” Health Insurance Premiums By Nearly 3 Percent. “Improved coverage for those who currently have individually purchased insurance is also expected to influence higher spending growth. On a per enrollee basis, growth in private health insurance premiums is expected to accelerate to 6.0 percent, up from 3.2 percent in 2013.” (Sean P. Keehan, et al, “National Health Expenditure Projections, 2012–22: Slow Growth Until Coverage Expands And Economy Improves,” Health Affairs, no. (2013)


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