Feb 022014

Cut retirees off? Slash Dependent Coverage? The exact opposite things of what we were promised about #ACA.

ObamaCare’s New Mandates Have Raised Insurance Costs For The City Of Midland, Michigan. “The Affordable Care Act has raised insurance costs for the City of Midland. The act set minimum coverage requirements that have caused adjustments in the city’s plans, such as adding contraceptive coverage, adding coverage for children up to age 26 and limiting annual out-of-pocket expenses for covered plan members.” (Tony Lascari, “Health Care Reform Raises City Of Midland’s Costs,” Midland Daily News, 1/30/14)

  • “Costs Are Up $218,970 For Active Employees” And “Could Go Up An Additional $378,450.” “Costs are up $218,970 for active employee health care because of the ACA changes, Paula Whittington, Midland assistant city manager, recently told the Midland City Council. If traditional plans are eliminated and retiree plans lose their current exemptions, costs could go up an additional $378,450.” (Tony Lascari, “Health Care Reform Raises City Of Midland’s Costs,” Midland Daily News, 1/30/14)

Minnesota’s State-Run Exchange has been a nightmare. The State Of Oregon’s Website does not work and they are having to take applications by hand:

Fourteen People In Charge Of Minnesota’s ObamaCare Exchange Website Collected $26,000 In Bonuses After The Website Went Live. “Fourteen people who managed the troubled MNsure online health insurance exchange were collectively paid bonuses of more than $26,000 just after its launch, state officials said.” (“14 MNsure Managers Paid More Than $26,000 In Bonuses Just After Exchange’s Launch,” The Associated Press, 1/30/14)

The Bonuses Were Approved By Then-MNsure Director April Todd-Malmlov. “The exchange’s former director, April Todd-Malmlov, approved the bonuses, said MNsure spokesman John Schadl, which were made for work done before the launch.” (“14 MNsure Managers Paid More Than $26,000 In Bonuses Just After Exchange’s Launch,” The Associated Press, 1/30/14)

“Software Problems Have Plagued The Website, Which Overwhelmed An Mnsure Call Center In St. Paul After The Exchange Went Online Oct. 1.” (“14 MNsure Managers Paid More Than $26,000 In Bonuses Just After Exchange’s Launch,” The Associated Press, 1/30/14)

  • Upon Launch, The Website Functioned Sporadically And Insurers Received Error-Ridden Enrollment Data. “But in recent weeks, even as many of the problems with the federal exchange seemed to ease, problems with MNsure were multiplying. In addition to a sporadically functioning website and hard-to-reach call center, state insurance companies complained that data on enrollees from MNsure were filled with inconsistencies and errors. About 1,000 people learned they had to re-enroll after being notified that they did not qualify for federal tax subsidies, when they actually did.” (Patrick Condon, “Even In Willing States, Health Law’s Rollout Rocky,” The Associated Press, 12/21/13)
  • 30,000 To 40,000 Applicants To Minnesota’s ObamaCare Exchange “Were Incorrectly Denied Premium Subsidies Or Coverage On Public Programs.” “State and county officials are double-checking 30,000 to 40,000 applications filed this fall on the MNsure health insurance exchange to determine if people were incorrectly denied premium subsidies or coverage on public programs. While most determinations on the exchange were correct, a few of them wrongly denied people access to benefits to which they are entitled next year, MNsure spokeswoman Jenni Bowring-McDonough said. ‘We are working to ensure that everyone who is eligible receives the right assistance in the right program beginning January 1, 2014,’ she said.” (Jeremy Olson, “MNsure Will Get A Discount Double-Check,” Star Tribune, 11/27/13)

MNsure’s Director Resigned Amidst Ongoing Website Problems And An Ill-Timed Exotic Vacation

April Todd-Malmlov Resigned “Amid Mounting Criticism Of Her Leadership And The Troubled Rollout Of The New Health Care Program.” “The embattled director of the state’s fledgling health insurance exchange resigned Tuesday amid mounting criticism of her leadership and the troubled rollout of the new health care program. MNsure executive director April Todd-Malmlov left her $136,000-a-year post during a closed-door meeting with the program’s executive committee. The board named Scott Leitz, the state’s assistant commissioner of health care, to the newly created position of interim CEO while it conducts a national search for a permanent chief executive. ‘MNsure must do better,’ Leitz said. ‘If there are problems or mistakes, we will acknowledge them and fix them.’” (Baird Helgeson And Jackie Crosby, “Embattled Mnsure Director Resigns Amid Increasing Criticism,” Minneapolis Star Tribune, 12/18/13)

  • Democrat Governor Mark Dayton Defended Malmlov’s Work And Her Costa Rican Vacation Despite The Website’s Ongoing Problems. “On Thursday, Gov. Mark Dayton defended Todd-Malmlov’s right to take a pre-scheduled vacation. He made no attempt to defend MNsure’s ongoing problems. ‘I know that the executive director worked extraordinarily hard for months now, probably all of last year and my understanding was this was a long-planned vacation where financial commitments were made,” Dayton said. “I don’t know enough of the details, but it was obviously a critical time for MNsure and it is ultimately her responsibility.’” (Jennifer Brooks, “Dayton Defends MNsure Chief’s Vacation,” Star Tribune, 12/17/13)


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