Feb 052014

According To A Former High-Raking Official In The Obama Administration, The Critics That Say That The Administration Didn’t Really Fight For A Manufacturing Policy “Have A Strong Point.” “But the divisions within the White House have often frustrated those who wanted a sharper focus on manufacturing. ‘The critics would say we didn’t really fight for manufacturing policy,’ said another former high-ranking official who took part in many of those meetings and who did not want to be named because the discussions were confidential. ‘They have a strong point.’” (Bill Vlasic, Hiroko Tabuchi, and Charles Duhigg, “In Pursuit Of Nissan, A Jobs Lesson For The Tech Industry?,” The New York Times, 8/4/12)

528,000 Manufacturing Jobs Have Been Lost Since Obama Became President. (“Employment Situation Report,” U.S. Department Of Labor Bureau Of Labor Statistics, Accessed 1/28/14)

The Bureau Of Labor Statistics Estimated Over 549,500 Manufacturing Jobs Will Be Lost Between 2012 And 2022.(“Employment Projections – 2012-2022,” U.S. Department Of Labor Bureau Of Labor Statistics, 12/19/13)

According To The Bureau Of Labor Statistics, Manufacturing Accounts For 15 Of The 19 Industries That Will Have The Largest Employment Decline From 2010 And 2020. (“Industry Employment And Output Projections To 2022,” U.S. Department Of Labor Bureau Of Labor Statistics, 12/19/13)

New Orders For Manufactured Durable Goods Fell By $10 Billion And Shipments Fell By $4.5 Billion In December 2013.(“Advance Report On Durable Goods Manufacturers’ Shipments, Inventories And Orders December 2013,” U.S. Department Of Commerce, 1/28/14)


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