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Blogger’s Note: If any of you remember Jesse Petrilla from Del Oro High School and later Placer High, please email me at [email protected] – the incidents were from 2001-2002 time period.


There is a reason why if you have a past in politics, just come out with it. Many in the AD73 area thought that Petrilla had a wild past and Petrilla’s own refusal to come clean about it piqued many people’s curiosity.

The RSM Patch just confirmed what I thought I knew. Jesse Petrilla grew up in my back yard. I live in Rocklin, Jesse lived in the Loomis area. Loomis and Rocklin share a border, both are in Placer County. (Go north on I-5 7 hours to Sacramento, hang a right and another 30 miles toward Reno and you are in Loomis. Rocklin is a few miles sooner)

Petrilla was expelled from Del Oro High School (Which is in Loomis) apparently as a result of these felonies and had to graduate from Placer High School Instead. (Placer High is in Auburn)

Originally, the district attorney charged Petrilla with 12 felony and two misdemeanor crimes, including the sentencing enhancement of using a firearm which included:

  • Three felony counts of assault with a firearm;
  • Four felony counts of shooting at an occupied motor vehicle;
  • One felony count of dissuading a witness from testifying at a trial;
  • Four felony counts of discharging a firearm with gross negligence;
  • One misdemeanor count of exhibiting a firearm;
  • One misdemeanor count of exhibiting a deadly weapon, a chain.

According to court records, all but the first two counts of assault with a firearm were dismissed on Aug. 10, 2001.

Petrilla was granted early release from probation in December 2004. At the completion of Petrilla’s probation, the court downgraded the felonies to misdemeanors and dismissed the charges.

Petrilla did indeed plead guilty to two felonies.

Jesse Nathan Petrilla, now 30, and seeking to represent most of South Orange County in Sacramento in the State Assembly, was in 2010 the youngest city councilman ever elected in Rancho Santa Margarita. Yet before becoming a lawmaker, he fired a .22 caliber rifle at an occupied vehicle about five months before his 18th birthday. Tried as an adult, he was sentenced to 240 days in jail and five years probation.

Basically, the account I was given was that Jesse Petrilla lit up a car full of people with a .22 rifle for no apparent reason. There are other things in Jesse’s past that suggest this was not an isolated incident.

Jesse Petrilla’s behavior pattern over his first term in office has been bizarre and erratic according to accounts I have heard. Given Petrilla’s behavior, his attempts to conceal his past and his lack of repentance for it… now this revelation becomes a problem.

There are three other candidates that are older, allegedly wiser (although I would not give Anna Bryson credit for a thing) and most importantly do not have a police record.

Sources tell me that Anna Bryson’s team has pulled opposition research on all of her opponents. She appears to be expecting to benefit from Independent Expenditures and is planning on scorching the earth. Bill Brough and Paul Glaab had better be ready – because things far less serious than being a wanna-be gang-banger shooting at a car with a .22 are going to be detonated in their faces.

As to Jesse Petrilla? He should simply drop out of the AD73 race now and try to save himself if he wants to get re-elected to the RSM City Council.


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