Dec 192013

How often do you see it in local office? Local electeds slide by without a challenge.

In El Dorado County – their DA, Vern Pierson appears to be a meglomaniac using his office to prosecute political adversaries. It also appears to be a jam job related to the grand jury. Like a lot of counties, the El Do Grand Jury appears to have been polluted by someone looking for revenge. More on that soon.

A group called COVAC put out a call for Honest operators to run for office:

Dear Fellow Citizens:

Do you believe something should be done about the adversarial political climate in El Dorado County? So do we!

Please join with us to find and encourage honest and fair candidates to bravely run for elected office. We formed our organization, the Committee of Vigilance Against Corruption, to remove what we believe are corrupt incumbents abusing our elected County Offices to financially enrich themselves with bonuses and “pay differentials” beyond the publicly advertised salaries of Office; who are creating a climate of fear and intimidation with County employees and local businesses; or are using the crushing power of their Government Office to purse agendas and vendettas against personal and political enemies.

Our priority targets for removal from office during the upcoming June 2014 Primary Election are four-term incumbent Auditor – Controller Joe Harn and two-term incumbent District Attorney Vern Pierson who have committed all three offenses. We also believe other elected officials caught-up in the County’s infamous Bonus Scandal, such as seven-term incumbent Treasurer-Tax Collector C.L. Raffety; deserve removal for also taking tens of thousands of dollars in non-performance related “pay differentials” each year. However, replacing the worst two offenders, Harn and Pierson, are our priority.

Whether you call their conduct in office bad judgment, un-acceptable behavior, outright corruption, or white-collar crime, we know that once our community learns the awful truth about Harn and Pierson, our educated voters will sweep them from office. Unless however, honest and fair challengers come forward, we will continue to see the same despicable Chicago-style politics that now dominate our County for the next five years.

It is up to US! –You and me – to clean-up our County Government. In 2010 our County’s voters rejected Harn and Pierson’s crony candidate for Sheriff and chose an honest and fair reformer instead. Six months from now, in June 2014, we have an excellent opportunity to elect two more badly needed reformers. Right now, we need at least, one CPA and one Lawyer to stand tall for clean government and run for County Office and become our next Auditor- Controller and District Attorney. If you, or any other good people you know, are brave enough to come forward and be one of our next reformers, please contact us at [email protected].
Yours for Clean County Government,
Greg Post
(530) 676-3441

Someone please file.

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