Nov 112013

Over the transom, this caught our attention:

NUTTING APPEAL RECEIVES RARE APPROVAL FROM THE THIRD APPELLATE DISTRICT COURT. The Court generally rejects 95% of the appeals it receives. The Court will now review the issues of the District Attorney’s mis-instruction of the Grand Jury, The Deputy Attorney General’s misinterpretation of Penal Code Section 115, and the Deputy Attorney General’s failure to properly inform the Presiding Judge as to the correct source and nature of the grant funds.

The ElDorado County Newswire has been tracking Vern Pierson’s rampage against Ray Nutting.

It also appears that Vern Pierson is doubling down (like Obama is with the disastrous Health Care “Reform”)…

Additionally it has been learned the DA Vern Pierson, not satisfied with filing seven charges against Nutting, is now going on yet another expedition to see what more he can find. It is a good thing Pierson has unlimited taxpayer funds with which to finance his efforts. Nutting’s supporters say Ray is committed to not being intimidated by Pierson’s tactics, and will stand his ground.

We can only hope that this draws a strong opponent to Vern Pierson and that Mr. Pierson is humiliated by the 3rd Circuit at the end of the day.

Also note that not much has been heard from Ken Steers since his DUI and others involved in the attempted lynching of Ray Nutting have been awfully silent lately.

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