Jun 122013

Amazingly enough – we are taking a break from our regularly scheduled beatings of Ted Gaines and Jim Nielsen to thank them for honoring the “No New Taxes Pledge”.

Bill Emmerson, Bob Huff, Jean Fuller and Mimi Walters voted to raise taxes $2.3 Billion and Anthony Cannella Joined them (but, Cannella never signed the pledge).

Most of us would never sign a pledge for anything – but at the same time, Taxes in America are absurdly high and no one can justify with a right mind voting for more funding for out of control government as they behave like alcoholics at a wine tasting.

If you sign something, honor it – otherwise, you show yourselves to have no integrity.

In this case, Ted Gaines and Jim Nielsen did the right thing and backed up their promise.

As a bonus – we also heard some good sound-bytes of Jim Nielsen complaining about all the anti-gun BS going down in the State Senate as well. If Jim Nielsen keeps this up, we may have to start calling him a Conservative…

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