Jun 192013

Folks – State Mandates once again are forcing the “wasting” of the $500k. If you vote Democrat, thank you so much for screwing local government.

From Susan Rohan:

Local government is no longer immune from the onslaught of state and federal mandates. Business has been reeling from them for years. Thanks in large part to (John) Allard the momentum has shifted staff and council efforts through collaborations with public associations to participate in rule making procedures and addressing proposed legislation. It is time consuming and risky but less so when private enterprise adds its political clout and political and technical expertise to the efforts. We have a law and regulation committee that us very active. And staff now understands how these gruesome proposals affect the bottom line of the publics’ budget. In essence the anti business legislature is pushing its dirty work down to us to do. And there are penalties if we don’t.

Unfunded State Mandates with punitive penalties if City Governments don’t waste money.

Under AB1890, AB2021 and SB1 – Public Utilities are REQUIRED to collect “Public Benefits Dollars” and spend them on an extremely limited array of “educational services”.

Central Planning. Socialism.

What else would you expect from the idiots in Sacramento!

Thank you to the anon letters’ sender for making sure that the source of this was identified.

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