Nov 152012

Remember this is the same Dave Gilliard that got lit up for racist mailers and for mailers that were bald-faced and outright lies.

As is a custom for political consultants – they send out Press Releases bragging about the results of elections. Sometimes they also reference settling personal scores in the press releases – like Dave Gilliard’s complicity in getting Charles Munger to attack the Placer GOP for not kissing the ring of his client Beth Gaines.

You’ll note that Gilliard omits the $200k he made off of the CAGOP before bailing out on Prop 40 and the IE’s he ran ostensibly to benefit democrat Larry Agran of Irvine.

ROCKLIN, CA — Clients of the political consulting firm of Gilliard Blanning & Associates Inc. won outright, or came in first, in 17 of 20 races on Tuesday, with one race still too close to call. (As of today, the number drops to 15.)

Included in the list were two high profile races in Northern California. In the first Congressional district, Doug LaMalfa was the top vote-getter and will face Democrat Jim Reed in November. LaMalfa defeated Republican rival and former Senator Sam Annestad in the hard fought race to represent the rural district. In the 6th Assembly district, Beth Gaines was the top vote-getter in a furious race against fellow Republican, Andy Pugno. Gaines will face Democrat Regy Bronner in November. (Oops – Andy Pugno made the runoff and omitted from this email was mention of the $450k from uber-liberal Charles Munger in to Beth Gaines. Also omitted: the Nomilaki Band of Lusenio Indians that poured money in to both candidates, using the services of Carlos Rodriguez whose office is next door to Dave Gilliard’s. Cozy. Coordination of Independent expenditures is allegedly illegal.)
In Riverside County, GBA client Jeff Miller received 51% in his Senate race in SD 31, beating second place finisher Richard Roth by over 22 points.  GBA client Phil Paule was the top vote-getter in AD 67 and is well positioned to win the conservative district in November. (Phil Paule went down in flames as did Jeff Miller in November)

In Orange County, every one of GBA’s clients won and the GBA led campaign for Allan Mansoor in AD 74 for the Orange County Republican Party routed Leslie Daigle, who had nearly $1 million in outside help that proved futile. (Please note that Munger went after Mansoor with $700k – in the mind of Gilliard this was bad, but the $450k in to Beth Gaines was good… )

All told, GBA helped elect clients at all levels of state and local government, including races for Judge, County Supervisor, Assembly, Senate and U.S. Congress. GBA also produced direct mail that helped elect much needed new blood to the Placer County Republican Central Committee.

Dave Gillard teamed up with Charles Munger to teach the conservatives on the Placer GOP Cent Com a lesson for not supporting the Gaines… who are both irrelevant now.

And then there was the independent expenditure to help Democrat Larry Agran… (who lost)

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