Nov 142012

As I write this – Chris Norby just conceded defeat. This is the final seat the dems needed for their supermajority in the assembly.

The leadership of the GOP never liked Norby. He beat their hand-picked candidate the last cycle and he certainly was not a vote for Connie Conway. They let him swing and put no resources in to him whatsoever.

Meantime – $700k in to Beth Gaines, because the author of Prop 8 had to be stopped. $400k of it at least was from Charles Munger.

Munger – $250K in to a the Safe SD-04 race for Jim Nielsen. This was Nielsen’s reward for leading Charles Munger’s attempt to gut the Republican Party Platform.

Charles Munger – $175k in to a Doug LaMalfa-backed effort to try and stop Brian Dahle in AD01. Other interests poured in $225k for a total of $400k spent in another R vs R race. Dahle won anyway.

AD-05: $600K+ spent by groups trying to stop Rico Oller in, you guessed it, another R vs R race.

Got all that – $2Million Plus spent in safe R districts in just the north state trying to elect moderates more to the liking of Charles Munger, Connie Conway and those that crave control.

Paul Cook in CD-08 running against minuteman founder Gregg Imus drew $750K of Charles Munger’s money – an R vs R race while Bono-Mack and Brian Bilbray lost to Democrats. Both of them are regarded as moderates (aka people Munger should have supported) and both got only token amounts for the CAGOP establishment.

Dan Lungren got some help – but none from the CAGOP establishment, he lost.

Tony Strickland got nothing. He lost.

Abel Maldonado, the most Liberal Republican California has to offer, was obviously to Charles Munger’s liking as he got $1.2 million in IE’s but still lost.

Pedro Rios (another seat in the assembly we needed to hold) got about $200k in assorted IE’s but was swamped by the Dems. Charles Munger was nowhere to be found.

A terrible candidate named William Batey in AD-61 benefited from about $300k of Munger’s money after Munger helped muscle out the conservatives in the primary. Batey lost.

Munger did spend big bucks in the AD-76 Primary attacking Conservative Sherry Hodges in favor of RINO Rocky Chavez another R vs R race that drew roughly $400k.

The Target State Senate Races? Lost 3 of 4. The only one that was won was Bill Berryhill who managed to get about $750k spent on his behalf. Where was Munger?

Todd Zink lost. Jeff Miller lost. George Plescia Lost.

Republican Central Committee Races? They drew a combined $200k of Munger’s Money – it was necessary to reward lemmings and punish anyone with independent thought…

… and the money poured in to R vs R runoffs. Congratulations Charles Munger and Republican Leadership you earned irrelevance.

Hey, but Beth Gaines voted for Connie Conway to remain Assembly Permanent Minority Leader! (And Dave Gilliard got to keep a paycheck)

P.S. Not mentioned – the $35 million Munger wasted on Prop 32.

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