Nov 092012

When the Sacramento Bee endorsed Beth Gaines they wrote the following:

As it is, Gaines is free to continue in her bubble world, benefiting from huge campaign money from contributors outside her district and rarely answering questions from the media without a handler at her elbow. Voters in the 6th District have little choice to re-elect her, but should demand better choices the next time.

The Bee was referring to the almost $750,000 in independent expenditures put in to Beth Gaines by wealthy liberals and groups aligned with the do-nothing establishment.
I wrote in the previous post about how some of us dared to stand up against her majesty and now her majesty is trying to get even with all of us one by one – while she has been rendered irrelevant. (She already was, but her staff failed to tell her as she hasn’t figured it out on her own)
Beth Gaines. This is what Republican Leadership foists upon us. A bogus resume, a business created a few days before filing so she can use a ballot designation she has not earned. (Beth Gaines has never written an insurance policy nor held an insurance license, ever)
But – here she is, with the Dave Gilliard endorsement mill churned out behind her: Howard Jarvis, the NFIB, Gun Owners of CA – all endorsing someone who can’t finish a sentence without the aid of staff because of her last name.
The idea was not new – Patricia McKeon, wife of embattled Congressman Buck McKeon ran against former Tom McClintock staffer Scott Wilk with pretty much the same dynamic. The difference is that Gaines was an incumbent that all the donors ponied up to and the Wilk v McKeon race was for a vacant seat.
McKeon got blown out.
But, once again – the last name attracted tons of donors and endorsements despite a candidate with no apparent credentials for office.
This is the Republican Party of the Consultants and Donors.
Having been a member of the State Republican Party for years – I can tell you that the collapse has been a team effort.
Moderate Republicans see Conservatives as the enemy. For years, I have seen brutal primaries where the Mod loses to the Conservative, then the Moderates go home – or worse in some cases they actively help the Democrat. Then they stand on the mountain proclaiming that the Conservatives are to blame.
Then, you have the Jim Nielsen Republican – this is the favorite type of leadership. They sell the used car to the voters in their district then go to the Capitol and sell our butts down the river. Jim Nielsen can think for himself just enough to not need constant maintenance like a Beth Gaines does.
Meantime, consultants like Dave Gilliard leech off of the system to get themselves rich with no conscience or attempts to restrain the actions of their clients.
But, the seductive illusion of control carries the day.
Dave Gilliard had a really bad night on Tuesday. It appears that no client of his with a hotly contested race won.
(But, he got even with a couple of Republican Central Committees… I already wrote about that)
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