Oct 042012

In those Court Documents – Jim Nielsen listed his home address as 425 West Southward, Woodland. It was outside the district he was running for in 1990 and that he had infested since 1978. (although it was inside from 1978-1982)

The pattern of Jim Nielsen living outside the district he is representing is nothing new. When he ran for AD-02 in 2008 – the issue of his Woodland House being outside the district was a cause of much controversy.

Even though the Tehama DA continues to stonewall – as did then California AG Jerry Brown (who has an affinity for Nielsen dating back to 1978 when he was Governor), the issue persists.

The “Double-Wide” in Gerber thing is laughable in its’ absurdity. In my opinion, the aid of the Tehama County DA has been extremely valuable to Jim Nielsen as people like Don Bird, Barry Claussen et. al. have been hammered by them with restraining orders, fines and the like.

I am less concerned about where Jim Nielsen lives and more concerned about his pattern of corruption and his flat out lies. His campaign crew are quick to assail anyone that accurately cites his record – or worse, with a straight face they cite Nielsen being on both sides of the issue he is being criticized on!

Like many in elective office back then – Jim Nielsen also 1000% blurred the line between taxpayer work and campaign work by staff. In comparison to the kickbacks, conflicts of interest and the major major bad votes – this is merely an “optional extra” for the train wreck that has been Jim Nielsen in office.

Jim Nielsen has written a ton of editorials – they are insightful as to who this “Conservative Rancher” is. He praised Ted Kennedy’s stance on Immigration reform while (Kennedy was the man responsible for destroying the Bracero Program for example), he criticized “extremists” like Rush Limbaugh in another.

As related in a previous post – Jim Nielsen undeniably was involved in Charles Munger’s effort to decimate the Republican Party Platform. Charles Munger has now cranked a wad of money in to Jim Nielsen’s campaign.

Jim Nielsen is campaigning as a “Conservative”

Jim Nielsen claims to be a water advocate – yet he supported a Peripheral Canal when it was George Deukmejian’s idea (who has endorsed Nielsen) and voted for Arnold’s Water Bond that clearly includes $250 Million for Dam Removal.

Jim Nielsen was endorsed by the Howard Jarvis Taxpayer’s Association – I believe because of the connection between those that run HJTA and the Republican Establishment. They simply refused to pick one member of the “club” over another. The HJTA also endorsed Nielsen’s opponent.

However, there is a problem – Jim Nielsen voted for SCA 2 in 1990. This would have allowed local Governments to raise property taxes with a simple majority.

Nielsen’s pattern is still manifest in current years – he voted to put Prop 14 on the ballot. This has eliminated partisan primaries and in large parts of the state, there are no Republicans on the ballot.

Prop 14 was Abel Maldonado’s payoff for voting for the largest tax increase in state history. So, you could argue that Jim Nielsen enabled the largest tax increase in state history by voting yes on Maldonado’s deal…

When criticized for doing this – Jim Nielsen states that he opposed Prop 14 once it as on the ballot.  But, then, there are the legislative chiefs of staff that have told me that Jim Nielsen called their bosses to get them to go up on putting prop 1A on the ballot – that was basically the same thing as the current Prop 30, a massive tax increase of historic proportions.

Jim Nielsen and staff call their critics liars.

It seems, however, that Jim Nielsen is the one lying. Jim Nielsen is not who he tries to tell everyone he is – this is a terminal identity problem.

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