Jun 242012

Dave Gilliard proved a lack of integrity by putting out mailers so bad that even the Sacramento Bee called him out on them.

Even before Dave Gilliard went on tilt – his hubris would not allow him to take Mr. Pugno up on his pledge. In doing so, Gilliard gave Pugno the moral release to run if he so chooses and Gilliard won’t (even though I know he will try to) be able to score points with it. I think that Gilliard’s refusal was borne out of that fact that he understood that Beth Gaines was and is not a strong incumbent – right down to hiding her incumbency on the ballot and in her campaign.

Andy Pugno capsulized the hubris in his second mailer: Quoting the Article from the Bee

“Gaines apparently would rather see a Democrat in the Assembly than a Republican – unless it is her,” the flier said. “This is the kind of attitude that comes with being an incumbent.”

This issue I have has nothing to do with Gilliard representing Gaines / LaMalfa. It Doesn’t matter as we’ve been on the same side many times.

In this campaign, Dave Gilliard and in the campaign against Peter Tateshi – went on tilt and showed a character that was 100% bereft of integrity all in the name of winning.

The bee article ends with a Demand from Dave Gilliard:

“We expect Pugno to keep his word, suspend his campaign, and support the top Republican vote-getter, Beth Gaines,” he said.

I don’t know what Pugno will do. However, Dave Gilliard’s attitude in that quote shows me that he does not want to have to run a competitive campaign against Andy Pugno again in the fall…

… now that is indeed revealing.

This should be academic, we should be concentrating on local races and other issues as I am in favor of some reconciliation – but Dave Gilliard has made it extremely difficult with his tactics and now his chest-beating.

If Placer County is on fire this fall – it is 100% Dave Gilliard’s fault.

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