May 302012

Is it the scandal that is causing people to re-consider?

Is it the fact that people in the Tea Parties that were deceived by Team LaMalfa in 2010 are starting to realize that he is a Charlatan?

I got an email forwarded to me from the I-Caucus that Doug LaMalfa failed to reach the 70% required for endorsement.

In CD-1, neither Pete Stiglich nor Doug LaMalfa was able to reach the 70% threshold of ballots voting in favor of endorsement. At this time then, iCaucus is unable to offer endorsement to either of these fine candidates. This could very well be a race that will be revisited after the primary election.

While LaMalfa may still get in to the runoff – it is refreshing to see him having to deal with his own record for a change instead of hiding behind smear merchants to attack opponents.

Or – maybe the ICaucus has awakened to the $4.7 million reality?

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