May 012012

I think it is amazing that Pam Tobin is running to “Restore Integrity” in Placer County. In the course of restoring integrity – she points the finger at Kirk Uhler’s Wife and the Granite Bay Community Plan.

Integrity. A buzzword used by the left to attack Conservatives. In this case, Pam Tobin has gotten exposed by a neighbor for being a xenophobic, angry neighbor. Perhaps Pam’s obsession with the Granite Bay community plan is borne out of her overall worldview and disdain for people?

I had a look at Pam Tobin’s Real Estate Website and did not see a single listing of a house for her real-estate practice. Somehow, she thinks her stellar record of running businesses in to the ground plus her bristling Real Estate practice are going to translate in to something better for Placer County.

I became aware that Pam Tobin’s husband, James (aka Jim) was the subject of a sexual harassment claim, actually two of them.

The first is alleuded to in a bulletin board of the Labor Union Local that Jim Tobin is President of. Comments reference a $45,000 settlement paid out to Jim Tobin’s first victim.

In the second –  Jim Tobin was convicted in civil court of sexual harassment a second time but nothing was paid out because the Jury referenced that the statute of limitations had passed. (Page 5 of Complaint and Page 6 of Complaint)

The details of the court case are ugly – “Defendant TOBIN showed plaintiff photos of himself in bed with two of her female co-workers as well as photographs of plaintiff’s co-workers drunk on defendant TOBIN’s lap.” The complaint continues on, getting progressively uglier – including referencing a horizontal advancement program at Jim Tobin’s office.

Pam Tobin is obsessed over the hiring of Kirk Uhler’s wife. She should have thought twice before making a spouse a campaign issue – because it appears that her husband has some explaining to do himself on a much, much worse issue. I am sure there are many employees of that local that are not thrilled to see their union dues being spent on court costs and settlements.

Pam Tobin needs to restore integrity in her own home before pointing a self-righteous finger at anyone for anything. In addition, I’d suggest that she review her basic marketing courses in order to obtain a listing or two for her Real Estate “business”.

In the meantime – the voters can re-elect Kirk Uhler.

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