May 292012

I am a liar.

I was a liar for posting documents from the CRP showing all the delegates appointed by Jim Nielsen and Doug LaMalfa whose proxies were in the hands of Bay Area Liberals to be used to trash the CRP Platform.

I am now a liar for pointing out that the Lincoln Tea Party has aligned itself with the Pro-Choice, No on 8 Liberal Republicans in a renewed jihad against the Conservatives of the Placer CRA.

The facts are stubborn things – so I decided to make it simpler to find the information about how Charles Munger recognized the alignment and separately and independently decided to fund the campaigns of the “Tea Party 5”.

Charles Munger  donated to a Pac called: California Senior Advocates League Pac. You can click this link and scroll down to see all the democrats they are supporting, then you will see a bunch of familiar names.

In case it is difficult to see, click here to see the Munger Money on Behalf of

Ken Campbell
Dan Catania
Carol Wilson
Phyllis Wing
Gary Hall

Now – you can also cilck here to see the donation to this PAC of $100K  by Charles Munger.

Here I go lying again.

Please note this comment from Lincoln Tea Party leader Jim Ricketts:

By the way, jerk, I’m the one that “. . . has targeted the Placer GOP Central Committee” not Munger!  I’m the one that recruited these people to run against you and your thugs – not to attack conservatives, but to remove the corruption of people who care more about power than they do about their country!

There is a reason why many are wary of Tea Parties – people like Jim Ricketts are blinded with Rage (as is Ken Campbell) against people they think have wronged them and it causes compromise.

Charles Munger knew what he was doing when he invested $45k in the Placer GOP Cent Com race and he knew what he was doing when he invested in the Lincoln Tea Party members.

Whether they asked for the money or not is immaterial. Charles Munger would not have intervened in this race to support anyone other than those he thought would support the Placer CCR and their attempt to Moderate the Committee.

In the end, Munger wants a moderate Chairman in order to get control of the large number of delegates we get in Placer – but I am a liar for pointing out the Lincoln Tea Parties’ complicity in the Jihad against the conservatives in Placer.

That’s the issue – personal vendettas cause embarrassment and compromise. Deal with it Lincoln Tea Party – it just torched your credibility.

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