May 132012

Those of you who are following this race may note a slew of letters to the editor on the Amador Ledger Dispatch website.

I have written in the past about how the newspaper gets a large part of its’ budget from the Casino. My sources confirmed that it is nearly 60%, which may well explain the editorial bias of the newspaper in favor of Jeff Seaton.

On that note, they printed a cheap shot letter to the editor that alleged that Jeff Seaton’s opponent had tax liens. Dan Hughes has tax liens – he admitted to three of them and the other three were on a corporation with the exact same name as the one he bought the assets of.

The interesting thing is that the author of the letter appears to be fake. This could well be an indication that Jeff Seaton is starting to get desperate. And, of course the allegations were patently false.

On that note, one of Seaton’s legitimate supporters got torched in an earlier post here – then I received some additional information on Mr. Seaton’s law partner. The source indicated that one of the myriad charges against Keith Morris is that he also solicited sexual favors from a female defense attorney as a Deputy D.A. The way it went was – sleep with me and I will cut your client a great deal.

What the hell is in the water in Amador County, anyway?

Earlier I put a blurb up about the Sanne case when reciting the litany of Seaton’s legal history. (Which makes the claims from letter writers about his qualifications look even more ridiculous)

There’s more.

Apparently, as is custom, when the prosecutor is sick – a fill in is assigned. Jeff Seaton knows this and in this case attempted to take advantage of it. However, the primary D.A. left copious notes in the file.

Seaton attempted to convince the substitute D.A. that a plea deal had been worked out. (A.K.A. Seaton lied while court was in session) There hadn’t been and because of the detailed notes in the file (which is apparently a rarity) the fill-in D.A. didn’t get tricked.

A second time, a different substitute D.A. had been assigned to the case. Again, Jeff Seaton attempted to claim that a deal had been made. That fill-in D.A. was ready for the trick and quickly shot him down.

The second attempt caused Jeff Seaton to get railed on by Judge Richmond. (Who was actually there that day)

I was also made aware by sources that there is a still open case to censure Seaton for his conduct in Judge Richmond’s courtroom!!!

This sort of history makes you wonder why Seaton was not sent to the Bar for an ethics hearing and what the hell Richmond’s stake in endorsing him now is!

Daily, details are flowing in about the history of Jeff Seaton, Amador County – please reject this guy.

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