May 012012

It is an interesting question to ask:

AB 1950 – Requires businesses to take steps to safeguard personal information that possess which includes the security and privacy of the information and protecting against loss.

The Privacy Rights Clearinghouse states that “identify theft is now reported to claim nearly 10 million victims a year…the importance of safeguarding personal data can not be overstated.

Protects the customers’ name when it is connected with a drivers’ license, social security number, credit or debt card, medical information and more.

AB 1950, 8/25/04, LaMalfa NO

Provides that cell phone providers may not publish the phone number of a subscriber without first obtaining the express consent of the costumer.

AB 1733, LaMalfa NO, 8/26/04

When you have had a long career in Politics, you have a record. Ouch.

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