May 132012

There is an organization called the California Protocol Foundation – it is a 501(c)3 that is housed in the exact same address and suite as the California Chamber of Commerce.

The California Protocol Foundation appears to have been used as a conduit for Arnold Schwarzenegger’s travel expenses while he was governor.

Where does Dan Maguire come in? Dan Maguire is an inexperienced civil law attorney that Arnold appointed to the bench in Yolo County. Dan Maguire was one of Arnold’s closest attorneys in the days of his administration.

Dan Maguire is running for re-election as Judge and was appointed apparently as a payoff by Arnold for his years of loyal service as Maguire apparently never prosecuted or investigated a felony case in his legal career. (With one big exception – to be discussed later)

Archived articles obtained by this blogger show that Dan Maguire was up to his neck in a scandal (one of many that beset Arnold’s administration) related to using the CA Protocol Foundation as a conduit for paying for Arnold’s Private Jet. The totals are staggering – as much as $1.7 million a year to fly all around the world.

I am sure Dan Maguire was on a few of those flights.

Schwarzenegger’s abuse of Non-Profit rules led to ethics reform that Dan Maguire fought against.

The LA Times covered the regulator’s decisions to close the loophole.

The money quotes from the article are here:

Beginning in coming weeks, contributions to nonprofits that are directed to a specific public official will be limited to $420, making it illegal to solicit large donations to pay for chartered jets to China, Europe and the Middle East, as Schwarzenegger has done in the past.

Although the new rules might not affect Schwarzenegger’s travel plans, his lawyer (Dan Maguire) says he will have to be mindful of the regulation as he raises money for a climate summit he has scheduled for late September in Los Angeles.

Donors to the Protocol Foundation contributed more than $1 million for a similar conference last fall, state records show, including $250,000 from the Aga Khan Development Network, a charity run by the spiritual leader of Shiite Muslims. That was the largest single gift to the foundation on Schwarzenegger’s behalf in 2009, according to the records.

Under the new regulations, the Aga Khan could still pay for general production costs at the conference, but “he couldn’t pay for someone’s travel” or anything else that could be construed as a gift to an individual, said Schwarzenegger lawyer Dan Maguire.

hmmm…  Dan Maguire was Arnold’s travel agent. It appears that he used to arrange travel for the former Governor to all parts of the world while the rest of us dealing with the financial train wreck the Governor created in California.

What led to the regulators coming down on this time-honored practice and what was Maguire’s role in it… to be continued…


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