Apr 272012

Doug LaMalfa votes like a conservative – but he has some celebrated streaks of non-conservative behavior.

This is a short Vinette about one of Doug’s Non-Conservative Moments:

LaMalfa called to increase the (federal) deficit by $61.9 billion

Voted to call on Congress and the President to repeal the Government Pension Offset and Windfall elimination Provision.

Elimination of both provisions would have a 10-year cost of $61.9 billion.

The GPO provision provides that a person’s social security benefits as a spouse or surviving spouse are reduced by 2/3 for any government pension the person receives based on his own or her own work in federal, state or local government not covered by social security.  Adds to social security obligations.

JR 10 Dutton, 5/4/06

Why would Doug LaMalfa support retired Government workers still being able to collect 100% of Social Security? Would this affect his own situation?

Just askin’ given his pattern.

Side Note – At the Butte County Farm Bureau Dinner – Doug LaMalfa said he is running for Congress to go to Washington D.C. to represent ‘their’ interests. (a.k.a. farm welfare)

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