Apr 012012

In the Case of Ted and Beth Gaines – their problem is Nepotism, and a Chief of Staff whose behavior resembles Rasputin (including the control he wields over them)…

… but Nepotism is not Corruption.

Doug LaMalfa, David Stafford Reade, Dave Gilliard and their allies have leveled corruption charges against all of Doug LaMalfa’s political opponents in Placer County. It is pretty easy for them to level such charges – the record of actual evidence shows that they have had some practice.

When Gilliard, Reade and LaMalfa ran their media drill against the Placer GOP Cent Com in 2011- culminating in the public accusations of Money Laundering, Extortion, Graft and Influence Peddling in the Sacramento Bee in 7/2011… they had a familiar ring.

For starters – Dave Gilliard’s office was raided in a corruption investigation in San Bernardino County.

Second – David Stafford Reade is legendary for earning a lot of money on the side. (Beyond the $100,000k+ salary he earns as a Chief of Staff)

The Redding Record Searchlight was all over Reade for the “Double-Dipping”:

Then there’s the fundraising. Reade earned about $70,000 for collecting campaign contributions in the past few years. That means donors aren’t just supporting his clients’ runs for office but also filling the bank account of an assemblyman’s chief of staff. That veers perilously close to bribery.

Here’s the problem – the money Reade raised on Doug LaMalfa’s behalf and Jim Nielsen’s behalf could have been used to pay his own salary… whoops.

Remember John and Julie Doolittle – there were dozens of Sacramento Bee stories that pointed to Julie’s role as a commissioned fundraiser as evidence of John Doolittle’s corruption.

For as much as Steve Davey controls the Gains’ – he does not raise money for them.

All told, his DSR Enterprises has pulled in close to half a million dollars in the past half-decade as he’s traded on his bare-knuckled political acumen.

But has he traded on his official position? That would cross the line from moonlighting to graft.

Reade insists not. He says he maintains a “bright line” between campaign work and his legislative staff work. He says he’s never shown favoritism to any client who came lobbying on state business. And his direct bosses have had no objection to his side jobs, which LaMalfa even praised as advancing Republican causes (such as, say, LaMalfa’s political future).

I have to tip my Cap to Reade hauling in $500k in 6 years of mercenary work… that is capitalism at it’s finest. Ron Paul would even support legalizing that profession, too.

Is it that bright line – as Reade calls it and Doug LaMalfa’s lack of objection to his moonlighting that, in my opinion should be looked at by voters in this campaign… coming soon…

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