Apr 232012

Granite Bay. A lot of people in Granite Bay do not want anything else built there and anytime anything is proposed… there are a group that oppose it.

However, what if I told you there is a mostly vacant shopping center that has a gigantic space for a grocery store? There is a parking lot there and the major streets along the parking lot can easily handle the traffic?

There is a suitor for the vacant space that wants to bring in 250 jobs to this area. We’ve lost 500,000 jobs in this area. Nationally, 45.5% of the able-bodied workforce is unemployed, has given up trying to find a job, or is underemployed. (Remember, Obama does not count the people that gave up or the underemployed in the 8.5% number he admits to)

250 jobs? Into an existing building? Seems like a slam-dunk, right?

Wrong. It’s a Wal-Mart grocery store and Pam Tobin’s Union Donors don’t like Wal-Mart and its’ non-union jobs! Pam Tobin finally showed up to a Granite Bay community planning meeting specifically to do the bidding of the union bosses.

So, the woman who has helped raise the San Juan Water District Rates to absurd levels (including a 19% rate increase in 2008 with approval of a 50% schedule + a 3.5% increase apparently to pay for salary and benefit hikes for union workers in 2012) – thinks you should continue to pay higher prices for groceries.

Its’ easy to take cheap shots at Wal-Mart – they’ve been under assault for 10 years in the media.

However, we deserve better than someone like Pam Tobin that fights against job creation and lower prices in this economy. 250 jobs!? Are you kidding me? I know a ton of people who at this point would love to work at Wal-Mart!

That $10,000 check from the Placer Public Employee’s union is apparently one heck of an investment as Tobin is paying them back like a slot machine!

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