Apr 052012

Doug LaMalfa votes like a conservative – he has had excellent advice over the years in how to vote on issues in the legislature.

However, those of us that know Doug LaMalfa the best know that when no one is looking – it is a completely different story. He endorses Liberals and Moderates most of the time – and those closest to him are liberal Republicans.

LaMalfa’s preference of Liberal Millionaire Former Congressman Doug Ose over Conservative Icon Tom McClintock is not a one-time aberration.

Arnold Zeiderman fits that liberal mold well – Zeiderman is the Chairman of the Amador County Republican Central Committee. Ziederman is a moderate at best. At worst, he is an ethically-challenged opportunist.

Zeiderman was hand-picked by (…drumroll, wait for it…) David Stafford Reade(!) to run for California Republican Party Vice-Chairman Northern Region! Guess what! LaMalfa and Nielsen jumped on to the bandwagon and endorsed and pushed all their allies in the North State to support…

… now that Doug LaMalfa is running for Congress touting the “He’s One of Us” label… he might regret this decision.

When Zeiderman ran for CRP Vice Chair North – he let out this gemThat being said, Robin’s opponent came to our Nevada County Republican Central Committee meeting and told us that we needed to get away from our “rigid positions” and compromise.


It doesn’t stop there – he told another CRP delegate, Ed Rowen, that he would not take a stand on the life issue.

Arnold Zeiderman endorsed a Draft Republican Party Platform that was devoid of the Life, Gun and Marriage issue. He even signed his name to emails touting the “21st Century Republican Party Platform”.

Zeiderman’s issues don’t stop there.

He is trying to ramrod an Amador County Republican Party endorsement of a seriously flawed Judicial Candidate named Jeff Seaton.

Seaton routinely abused crime victims in his role as a defense attorney. Jeff Seaton even hired a child psychologist to ask questions of an 8-year old molestation victim in order to devastate the victim on the witness stand.

Jeff Seaton has defended the scum of the earth – many of whom committed additional crimes after Seaton defended them. One of my posts depicts Jeff Seaton’s campaign sign hanging from the fence of a convicted Sex Offender in Amador County.

You’d think that Arnold Zeiderman would exercise better judgement in what he wants to attach the good name of the Republican Party to. You’d think that Doug LaMalfa would call him and tell him to stop – but that is not in LaMalfa’s DNA given what David Stafford Reade has been doing throughout the North State.

Arnold Zeiderman – Liberal, Liberal with Republican Values and a liability to Doug LaMalfa… Ouch.

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