Apr 122012

If you read Jeff Seaton’s website you’ll notice A lot of claims he makes about himself.  26 year military man, 26 years of courtroom experience, 20+ years of Law Enforcement experience.

For those of you scoring at home – if Seaton was 18 before starting any of the above endeavors and giving him another 6 years for schooling… he’d have to be at least 94 years of age to assimilate all that experience!

Jeff Seaton is the same man that appears to have gotten his second wife to agree to have the divorce proceedings moved from Amador to Sacramento County out of fears the divorce would interfere with an expected appointment to the bench from Arnold Schwarzenegger. In said proceeding he claimed that he and his wife were never married! It depends on what the meaning of is, is.

He says he is a 26 year military man. This consists of 4 years active duty, 3 years of full-time National Gaurd service then the rest of it as a weekend warrior lawyer. He recently retired with the rank of Major.

The claim is technically correct… but if you listen to him talk about his qualifications, he’d swear he was Rambo. the way the words are parsed is key.

At a recent Tea Party function, Jeff Seaton claimed to have 26 years of Courtroom experience! Jeff Seaton did not pass the bar until 1990. Do the math – that was 22 years ago. It appears that Seaton is claiming his time in law-school and peer court and whatever else in the equation – his website says 21 years on it. Apparently Jeff Seaton is getting caught in his own spin cycle.

I am sure that the parsing would go something like I never claimed all 26 years of Courtroom experience were as a laywer… even though he is saying it give that appearance.

Jeff Seaton has also claimed to have 20+ years of Law enforcement experience – 2 years with Arapho County (AZ) Sheriff’s Department is now 20 years!? It sounds like a fish story. It is impossible to be a defense attorney and law enforcement at the same time – that would be like representing both sides of a divorce case (which, it appears Seaton has also done)…

Jeff Seaton’s life pattern appears to have been one of parsed words, situational ethics and the like… no wonder why he can claim 70+ years of life experience even though he is in his 50’s!

To those of you reading my series on Jeff Seaton – please understand that this man is running for Judge. This is not the sort of behavior you should want from a judge at all…

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