Apr 302012

For those of you close to Placer Politics you remember when Jack Duran ran against Rocky Rockholm. They hid Duran because he is a liberal democrat and they did not want to expose him any more than they had to to the public.

Well, the same appears to be the case with Pam Tobin.

But – it is worse for Tobin. Her neighbor underscores why she does not want to get out in public – it appears that to anyone that is not in the Dog-Lover Community or who is not one of the 37 Jobs at San Juan Water that pay an average of $120,000 a year… she is a xenophobic, NIMBY that does not like people.

I believe that I saw Pam Tobin today in a golf cart with Two Dogs in tow… IN ROCKLIN! I went and had a look at her website that features Republican turned shill for liberal democrats Wally Remmelien on the home page. I was visitor #169 – and the woman I saw on the website and the woman in the golf cart looked the same.

Rocklin is not in that district…

… and now this.

In the middle of the campaign, here is Pam Tobin’s priorities… (other than hiking water rates and feeding the union) a Dog Show on May 18th.

In the heat of a June Primary election, Pam Tobin will be somewhere else on May 18-21. I’d lay odds she will do that to the district as well – people deserve better than a Candidate in Tobin who is paying a left-wing enviro and two former chairs of the Placer County Dem Party to be her staff.

ON May 19 (a Sat) and May 20 (a Sun) I will be out walking precincts to help defend the taxpayers of Placer County in support of Kirk Uhler – where will you be?


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