Apr 022012

If it is ok for a legislative Chief of Staff to be a paid fundraiser for his boss and it is ok for them to run campaigns when they aren’t working those alleged 12-hour days for the taxpayers…

….But former Republican state Sen. Maurice Johannessen doubts Reade’s claims.

“I will never believe that someone who is a total insider can have a consultant business that doesn’t affect his work with the Legislature,” Johannessen said Thursday by phone from his Redding home. “I don’t believe that.”…

Maurice Johannessen’s name amongst hard-core Republicans is mud. He collaborated with Gray Davis on a series of budgets that were the precursors to the train wreck that Arnold gave us – he should know when political deals smell…

An October 18, 2006 article details how Tehama County Supervisors Ok’ed a project that would have cost taxpayers at least 57 million dollars in road improvements to accommodate. The developer only was slated to chip in 10 million of that. Ouch.

It’s bad enough right? Doug LaMalfa wrote a letter of support for what was known as “Sun City Tehama”.

In an investigative report – the Redding Record Searchlight exposed David Reade’s operation again – Reade pocketed $67,000 in consulting fees off of a campaign, unrelated to the Sun City Tehama Project except for one massive problem.

The Developer, named James McKim wrote a $32,000 check to “No on F” Citizens against reservation shopping – a campaign against a proposed Casino in Tehama County. (A good cause, actually) That campaign was run by Reade.

Two months later – Doug LaMalfa writes a letter in support of McKim’s massive project in Tehama County! Whoops!

Leave it to Senator Johannessen to wrap this installment up:

Reade maintains that his work on the No on F campaign, like the nearly $500,000 in consulting work he did while serving as LaMalfa’s chief of staff, was done off the state’s time clock.

Reade said he didn’t raise money for No on F, and he had no idea that McKim gave money to the campaign.

Former Sen. Johannessen doubts that.

Reade, as the No on F campaign’s consultant, “wouldn’t be doing his job” if he didn’t know who donated to the campaign, Johannessen said.

“Anyone with half brain power” also would assume McKim’s donation came with strings attached, Johannessen said.

“People don’t have altruistic ideas when they give that kind of money,” he said.

Liberal with our tax dollars, liberal with the truth – what do you think would happen if LaMalfa was in Congress?

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