Mar 262012

This is a common sight in the north state. Logue and LaMalfa 4×8 signs in close proximity.

I am not sure what to make of this. I do know that recently, Dan Logue re-joined the club, and endorsed a whole bunch of incumbents regardless of past history.

Logue is sporting the endorsements of Aanestad and McClintock in his race against David Stafford Reade recruited Bob Williams.

It seems far-fetched to me except when you combine multiple incidences of this and the behavior of insiders – it would seem that there has been a shift.

Does Logue’s support of Ted and Beth Gaines also translate to LaMalfa? It is now common knowledge that Team Gaines and Team LaMalfa have been unified by their consultant, Dave Gilliard who sees himself as Northern California’s political godfather.

It is also common knowledge that Steve Davey and David Stafford Reade have the same defects of character and have become close.

So, do the apparent marriages of LaMalfa signs with Logue signs and the apparent shift of Logue in to the Gaines camp mean that there is some sort of alliance?

The only scenario I can think of is that Logue thinks LaMalfa is going to beat Sam Aanestad for Congress – or Logue wants LaMalfa to win so it opens up the State Senate seat to run for…

I have become quite cynical and jaded toward politicians based on the idiocy I have seen from the Republican insiders lately – so don’t automatically discount this theory.

I felt strongly enough about it to write about it as there are simply too many coincidences – I ignored similar signs before the Gaines/LaMalfa/Gilliard coordinated attack on the Placer County Republican Central Committee last year.

The part that stands in contrast? David Stafford Reade threatened to sue the CRP if they endorsed Dan Logue, Mark Spannagel shared concerns with CRP CCA Chairman Mark Spannagel that he was afraid the CRP’s process would end up in legal action. This was two weeks ago – and now this?

Politicians suck.


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