Mar 182012

What if I told you there was a “new” Republican Club starting in Placer County whose events were invitation only and that not all Republican electeds were on the invitation list?

What if I told you that membership cost $500 a year to join, but that not anyone can join, only those invited?

What if I told you that David Stafford Reade is in the middle of the formation of this new club?

It would all make sense, wouldn’t it?

Dennis Revell is the President of the newly forming Placer County Lincoln Club – David Stafford Reade is President of the Sacramento Lincoln Club. My interaction with Dennis Revell has been 100% negative – a simple inquiry was met with hostile scorn and now I understand why. For those of you that don’t know Revell – he was married to a Reagan once in the past and apparently his Ego still reflects that. I had nothing against the man until my recent interaction with him that was 100% uncalled for. Subsequently, I have found several more people in Placer County who have been mistreated by Mr. Revell… sad, really.

The Placer Lincoln Club had an invitation-only event on Saturday Night featuring, you guessed it, Doug LaMalfa, Jim Nielsen and the Gains. Many Republican electeds were not allowed, but a Non-Republican Supervisor was. It appears that the people invited were pre-selected for their potential loyalty to either Nielsen/LaMalfa and/or the Gains.

I find it ironic that the beneficiaries of such exclusionary invitation practices have themselves been the loudest whiners regarding the same alleged behavior in Placer.

It doesn’t stop there – Gentelman Jim unloaded his used-car-salesman appeal on behalf of Beth Gains. Gentleman Jim needs friends for his anticipated State Senate race against Dan Logue next year. Dan Logue was hoping to curry favor with the Gains when he endorsed them the week before filing – but the fix is already in and Jim Nielsen was in full bloom.

The Gains are quite close to team LaMalfa/Nielsen as evidenced by their combined effort at the Placer Cent Com and their behavior at the exclusionary Placer Lincoln Club Event last night. Gentleman Jim referred to “political wannabes with meager political aspirations” in his impassioned appeal for support for Beth Gains. Gentleman Jim didn’t elaborate much as it sounded like he was describing any one of a number of incumbents including himself with that statement.

Doug LaMalfa – showing that he still lives and breathes for revenge against anyone who is not 100% loyal said that the Placer County Lincoln Club will be the “first legitimate Republican club in Placer County”. It seems to me that LaMalfa drank a big bowl of stupid when he made that statement.

I guess the three women’s fed groups in Placer County are not legitimate, nor is the Congress Club – but I am certain that the Empty Hat was referring to the Placer CRA as the Placer CRA has a proud tradition of exposing stupidity, absurdity and hypocricy in Placer Politics for years (hence our opposition to many incumbents)… and as such, LaMalfa has been the recipient of much scrutiny in Placer County. (Right down to Keene winning Placer by 4.5% over LaMalfa versus a 16 point loss district-wide)

While LaMalfa is at home counting up all the taxpayer money he’s gotten in farm welfare and Nielsen is home wondering how wrong it is that his liberal record of governance is getting exposed – I am sitting here at home not amazed anymore by the endemic leadership vacuum of so many in the Republican Party.

In many circles, debate is viewed as a bad thing, dissent is viewed with hostility and derision – and it appears that the new Placer Lincoln Club is just another front for more of the same. They can prove me wrong at some point in the future and I will post a retraction, but last night’s meeting was significant. It appears that there is a significant group of people that want to reshuffle the deck chairs on the Titanic while the California GOP drifts in to irrelevance all in the name of control…

…and here we are with a new, exclusive club that only invites certain people and whose express goal it is to support incumbents? I thought that was called the “Third House” or “Lobbyists”, what do we need a Lincoln Club for?


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