Mar 252012

Attorney is quite possibly the worst ballot designation a candidate can have (Political Consultant is another).

Why? Because of people like Jeff Seaton. Let me explain.

With the Death Penalty debate returning to California this fall – I decided to research the legal underworld to understand the mentality of ACLU type criminal defense lawyers. I wanted to find out why some lawyers decide to defend murderers and violent offenders while others defend the rest of us. Don’t get me wrong, everyone deserves a good defense. However, I discovered that it takes a special person to work for society’s dark side.

My research led me to this special kind of lawyer in nearby Amador County – Jeffery Seaton. He specializes in defending rapists, child molesters, and other violent scum. He apparently is really good at it.The thing that really makes my stomach turn is that Jeffery Seaton is running for Superior Court Judge in Amador. Every pot farmer, pimp, gang leader or just a garden variety Megan’s Law-Lister – will be making plans to move to Jackson if this guy gets elected Judge.

A good example would be People vs. Olivetto. A woman was brutally raped. The rapist got off Scott-free because the co-defendant was acquitted.  Mr. Seaton “defense” made sure that the victim lost her nerve to go through another trial. In fact, Seaton sent a letter to the editor where he referred to the criminal justice system as a “Gauntlet for Defendants.”

So much for the rape shield law.

Time and again – Seaton shows that he is willing to cross the line of ethics to get “justice” for felons at the expense of society – which makes it seem even more bizarre that the retiring Judge is supporting Seaton.

In the case People VS. Ordaz – Ordaz was accused of assaulting a CHP officer. Seaton argued that the CHP officer should be on trial – I am wondering how a Judge Seaton would treat a CHP officer in his courtroom.

Seaton’s reputation has been built by getting career sex offenders off the hook – Take the case of the  People vs. Leandro. Leandro was accused of molesting a young boy at the park. Somehow, Seaton got a jury to agree that the behavior of Leandro was not lewd. I can’t expand on the details of the case here as this blog would be rated X.

Recently, Seaton got a very large donation ($10,000) from the Jackson Rancheria (it should be noted that 35% of the crime in Amador is connected to this casino) – and Seaton appears to have connections to the important local political people. I am not sure what exactly is going on here, as supporting a guy like Seaton appears to be contrary to the interests of Law enforcement and conservatives. More to come…

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