Mar 302012

Here’s the score folks – Doug LaMalfa is “one of us”. His signs say so.

David Stafford Reade and Doug LaMalfa are inexorably tied to each other at the hip – Reade was LaMalfa’s cheif of staff for the whole 6 years he was in the Assembly.

Reade followed North State Moderate Jim Nielsen in to the Assembly after LaMalfa whipped Rick Keene in the State Senate race in 2010.

Doug LaMalfa is in a heated race with North State Conservative Sam Aanestad – Aanestad has the same scores and ratings from all the Conservative groups that Doug LaMalfa does and then some.

I have detailed at length LaMalfa’s hypocricy over the nearly $5million he has pocketed from the taxpayers from his “family farm”.

But LaMalfa’s assocation with Reade beings a whole new level of problems for LaMalfa. Reade was once called the Karl Rove of the North State – there is a problem, Rove is a Republican. Reade has a toll booth outside his office – and LaMalfa has the tar all over him:

1. LaMalfa actively supported David Stafford Reade’s effort to take over the California Republican Assembly by Fraud.

2. David Stafford Reade got caught for rigging a CRA endorsement of Mitt Romney in 2007.

3. David Stafford Reade and Doug LaMalfa’s Chief of Staff were expelled from CRA for Fraud. I have come to believe that Mark Spannagel was acting under orders from Reade. Both brought disrepute onto Doug LaMalfa.

4. Doug LaMalfa accused Republican Volunteers of Committing Felonies on the front page of the Sacramento Bee after an Email attacking the Placer GOP Central Committee was sent from DSR Enterprises – David Reade’s Firm. Unprecedented and stupid.

5. David Stafford Reade has a history of accusing political enemies of being investigated by the FBI, and Doug LaMalfa repeats the allegations.

6. LaMalfa got caught up in David Reade’s paid drill to destroy the Republican Party Platform. LaMalfa through his appointees to the California Republican Party lined up in support of a Pro-Choice, Pro Gay-Marriage platform that was devoid of the Gun Issue. (part 2 here)

7. David Stafford Reade is involved in creating exclusive, invitation-only Republican clubs whose only purposes are to serve his interests – thus alienating potential supporters.

But – there’s more, Mr. Reade’s double-dealing and LaMalfa’s complicity in it are legendary. To be continued…

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