Jan 092012

I already declared war on Camille Maben if she runs for re-election.

Greg Dailey is going to run for re-election to the Rocklin School Board. Recently, when Camille Maben’s friends were trying to get districts to take resolutions in support of an initiative to lower the threshold for Parcel Taxes to 55% (like happened with school bonds) Greg as board chair refused to agendize the issue.

Good job, Greg!

Here’s what I know about Rocklin City Council:

Dave Butler – immediate past Rocklin Chamber President, is in the race. He is a Republican that used to work for Tim Leslie.
Greg Janda – Businessman who finished 3rd last time, is also in the race. I am publicly supporting Greg.

Brett Storey – incumbent is retiring.
Peter Hill – incumbent is retiring by several accounts relayed to me
George Magnussen – is unpredictible, but is also expected to retire due to health concerns, and recent comments made by him indicate that he is thinking along those lines.

That being said – Rocklin Planning Commissioner Greg McKenzie is being pushed by political insiders, consultants and others. What I know of McKenzie is that he used to work for Pete Wilson. (ouch) I am sure I will talk to him soon to find out more.

Maria Trunzo is out, Bill Halldin is staying put at Sierra College, Paul Ruhkala is out.

This concludes the January Update for Rocklin.


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