Dec 122011

I know where Beth Gaines was, sending out emails in an attempt to inflame a political attack by people with no evidence? Was that it?

She certainly was nowhere to be found in the business she claims to be part owner of, etc. etc. etc…

Now – we are starting to get concrete examples of the lack of leadership back-bencher Beth Gaines has brought to CA AD-06.

I could rail on her participation in attacking the Placer-CRA led Central Committee – but that could be dismissed as personal. However, today, the Bee provides us with an example of what all of us knew intuitively about Beth Gaines.

Folsom-Based Waste Connections to Move Headquarters to Texas.

130 more jobs, gone.

Did we even get a constituent email from Beth Gaines that she was fighting for us? Of course not (although, when they see this blog, you can make bank that they will attempt to grandstand on the next would-be exodus of a California Business)… Beth Gaines is in one of the smallest offices in the Capitol doing next to nothing for anyone and no amount of spin or last-second sudden interest can change that.

“Our expanding geographic reach and expected continuing growth required us to make an objective assessment of the appropriate location for our corporate headquarters. The Woodlands offers our employees an attractive, lower cost, and more centrally located community well serviced by two major airports,” said Ronald J. Mittelstaedt, chairman and chief executive, in a press release.

Taxpayers still can’t afford Beth Gaines’ double-dip.

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