Nov 302011

Ron Paul – Insane
Michelle Bachmann – Amateur Insane
Huntsman / Santorum – Also-rans from the word go
Perry – committed suicide

Cain – I never took him seriously, I figured he was on a book tour. These women? I believe that Team Obama created many of them – but how many more will come forward before those defending Cain stop?

Newt – philanderer. A Republican Bill Clinton, end of story. I don’t care how conservative he is – his behavior off the field so to speak says enough for me. If you can not be disciplined in your personal life – absolutely no way you can be trusted to lead. End of story.

Romney? Married to the same woman for 40+years. Romney does not drink, does not smoke. I may have disagreements with his apparently more moderate stances on some issues (and I’d debate that) – but on the most important level, Romney’s personal life is squared away.

That’s it, end of story.

If Newt is the nominee – Obama will eat him alive, this is why the DNC has started in on Romney already.

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