Oct 162011

Jim Nielsen has a fan club.

Don Bird is a 76-year old retired marine whose life mission has been to get Gentleman Jim thrown in state prison for living in Woodland outside the soon to be old 2nd Assembly District while running for office there. (That is illegal as there are different rules for state office versus congress)

Barry Clausen is another who has been a constant pain in Gentleman Jim Nielsen’s tail.

On one hand, I understand how it feels to have a psychotic, obsessed maniac that will stop at nothing to get me or my family thrown in prison over a political disagreement – however, Don Bird and Barry Clausen are not psycho nor are they lying about Gentleman Jim’s residency – in addition, to my knowledge, they have never said Jim Nielsen is getting investigated by the FBI over it, either.

Barry Clausen wrote an op-ed about Jim Nielsen’s mental state. It appears that the constant harassment over his double-wide in Gerber (where Nielsen is supposed to be living, versus the $750K home in a Woodland gated community) is indeed getting to Gentleman Jim.

I got multiple accounts of a public appearance Jim Nielsen made on behalf of Liberal Republican Colusa Supervisor Kim Dolbow-Vann in Lake County where the majority of his comments were about being stalked by a 76-year old man.

There was also talk about a vacuum cleaner salesman (who was visiting trailer homes in Gerber!?) and Jim Nielsen recounting a story about saluting Ronald Reagan… it all seems bizarre. Politics is bizarre 24/7, let me tell you.

Oct 142011

You did not hear it here first. I just have friends all over Northern California – some of whom are friends of Les Baugh. Les Baugh is a Shasta County Supervisor that announced his candidacy for State Senate.

Since this seat is new and Gaines will have to move – this is effectively a primary battle for an open seat.

This is all in the backdrop of the referendum against the map abortion perpetrated by the “citizens” (owned by unions) redistricting committee. So, there is a real possibility this fight may not happen – however, previous maps had Placer and Shasta still in the same SD.

Les Baugh is well-respected in the North State and is an assistant pastor of the Second-Largest congregation in Shasta County in the town of Anderson.

From Bruce Ross of the Redding Record-Searchlight:

Les Baugh has an announcement to make

I got some feedback about Baugh’s announcement today from a CRA friend in Shasta County:

Today’s introduction of Les Baugh was quite spiritual and patriotic.

Emotion. Not Ted Gaines’ strong suit.

That being said, Ted Gaines is still the prohibitive favorite – but Gaines has burnt even more bridges since his successful run against Roger Niello. For starters – there are hundreds of John Allard supporters who feel betrayed.

There is a laundry list of people that have helped Ted Gaines and have gotten nothing but a gluten-free mess sandwich in return. (See also Beth and Ted abstaining rather than endorsing Dan Logue at the Placer GOP Cent Com level for example…)

It will be a race – but don’t know how far Les Baugh will get in that tilt, but maybe it will force Ted Gaines to start mending some fences?

Oct 132011

Last night the Placer GOP Central Committee met. They endorsed Assemblyman Dan Logue for re-election last night. As usual, the liberal Republicans voted no: Auburn Mayor Mike Holmes, Jon Green, Liberal Tax-Raising Lincoln City Councilmember Spencer Short, Cheryl Bly-Chester, Senator Doug LaMalfa (via alternate Murriel Oles) and one or two others. Senator Ted Gaines and Assemblymember Beth Gaines both courageously abstained via their alternates.

In addition: Karen England’s short and miserable career on the Placer County Republican Central Committee came to an ignominious end last night, when her position became vacant because she has missed so many meetings.  Reasonable people everywhere are breathing a collective sigh of relief…

In the California Republican Party – Karen England would be the political equivalent of the St. Louis Rams (who are 0-5 this season and are looking to join the 2008 Detroit Lions as the only 0-16 teams in NFL history)

Karen England has now been kicked off the local Central Committee, kicked off the California Republican Assembly’s State Board of Directors, kicked off the National Federation of Republican Assemblies’ National Board, and formally expelled from the California Republican Assembly organization for delegate fraud and other well-documented offenses too numerous to mention here.  In 2010, she resigned from the California Republican Party’s State Central Committee, in time to avoid being removed from that body for running a “campaign” against the nominee of the Republican Party.  Years earlier, she had even resigned from the Placer County Republican Assembly’s Board of Directors.  I could go on, but I think readers are sensing a pattern already. . .

For those who don’t know Karen England, I should explain that her sole “contribution” to the Placer County Republican Party has been making vicious personal attacks, supporting liberals, spreading false accusations, as well as drinking beer and getting belligerent at Central Committee meetings.  She has consistently opposed conservative candidates for Central Committee positions, while claiming to be a conservative herself.  Once, she even set a new record for hypocrisy by nominating two different conservatives for a single vacant position on the Central Committee, and then she voted against both of them and supported the liberal alternative.  Even her liberal allies on the Central Committee are unlikely to miss her!

It would be tempting to call her just plain nuts, but there always seems to be a method to her madness.  Her strange behavior seems to be closely correlated to the fund-raising operations of the Capitol Resource Institute and its various front groups and affiliated entities.

Just this morning, the newspapers reported that her StopSB48 campaign had failed to raise sufficient signatures to force that horrible new law onto the ballot as a referendum.  The failure of the campaign came as a surprise to absolutely no one, other than the unfortunate donors to the StopSB48 campaign itself.  That campaign may not have achieved its alleged purpose, but it certainly raised a great deal of money for those affiliated with the Capitol Resource Institute, which Karen England runs.

I suspect that we will hear more about that later, since there was a recent press conference stating that the Capitol Resource Institute is being investigated by the Fair Political Practices Commission and perhaps other law enforcement agencies.

Karen England herself admitted to having been questioned by the FBI, although at various times she has pretended that the FBI was questioning her about Central Committee activities from 2008, which is nonsensical because she was not even affiliated with the Central Committee back then.  Two of Karen’s allies who are also Board members of the Capitol Resource Institute even accused this blogger of being investigated by the FBI, but I called the FBI myself and confirmed that I am not under investigation for anything.

Today marks the one-year anniversary of the “visit” from the FBI to Ms. England’s house. I have yet to see Mulder and Scully show up at my door.

Don’t hold your breath waiting for Karen England to apologize for anything that she has done.  That is not her style.

Capitol Resource Institute Slammed with FPPC Complaint

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Oct 062011

Those of you that read this blog know about the rampage jihad against the Placer County Republican Party.

Now, The Capitol Resource Institute now finds itself embroiled in a politically-motivated FPPC investigation. The CRI is trying to qualify the SB48 referendum…

Leave it to the Organization Equality California to light up Karen England and the Capitol Resource Institute. CalWatchdog covered the story here and I have pulled out some excerpts:

The FPPC complaint charges that Capitol Resource Institute has been financially supporting the ballot initiative campaign. Karen England, executive eirector of CRI, said that is not the case. “Stop SB 48 leases office space from us,” she said. “They paid CRI up front for office rent and postage. And our employee was taken off the payroll and went on the the Stop SB 48 payroll right at the beginning of the campaign.” England said that she is even an unpaid volunteer for both CRI and the Stop SB 48 campaign.

When the Capitol Resource Institute ripped off the Prop 8 Campaign for $120k and I had a look at the campaign finance reports – the same pattern enumerated above repeated then. They used a “popular” issue on the right to raise money with and effectively paid the CRI’s bills with the money raised. (Click here to see my investigative report on the Capitol Resource Institute’s fake Prop 8 website)

But England said the campaign has not done anything to violate the campaign laws. “We have gotten thousands of small donations from people all over the state,” England said. “We haven’t hit the $1,000 or $5,000 thresholds for reportable contributions.”

This means that the CRI’s latest fundraiser is not going so well as they have not collected any substantial donations or those donating are giving checks below the threshold so they aren’t written about…

The CRI / Stop SB48 Campaign is claiming they have enough signatures gathered to qualify the initiative. I have seen little or no campaign activity from them at all, which gives me pause.

The moral to this complaint against the CRI is that their executive director has pointed the self-righteous finger at her political adversaries alleging many of the same complaints that the Capitol Resource Institute is now beset with. What’s worse for the CRI is that Equality California probably has far more evidence for their FPPC complaint than the anonymous blog comment that was the spiritual foundation for the rampage jihad against the Placer County Republican Central Committee.

What comes around goes around – and this is sad, because the SB48 referendum is a righteous cause.

Oct 052011

Everyone that reads this blog is aware that Rick Perry is looking AWFUL in the recent GOP Presidential Debates.

I am sure you’ve also read about Perry’s family getaway…

It appears that the same self-destructive behavior patterns are repeating themselves in California. I am putting this info out there in advance of any other campaigns attempting to use this against Rick Perry at a later time in the campaign.

You have already read about David Reade – Perry’s Northern California Chair and his role in the campaign to undermine the California Republican Party’s platform.

There is another member of the Perry team – Jimmy Camp that has a history of supporting Barack Obama in the 2008 primary. The story is linked here and I quote it below:

You’re a Republican rock musician.
It was more of that libertarian attitude that the party was based on, which I think the party has completely strayed from. I’m not happy with our party right now. To be honest, this year, for the first time ever, even way back in the primary, I supported Barack Obama. I volunteered for him. My Republican friends will all be pissed off, but there’s a lot of reasons.

Now – I am putting this out there now because the other GOP Campaigns are sure to use David Reade’s role in the Munger platform and the lying and deceit – but the Jimmy Camp thing is not inside baseball, it is right out there and pretty easy to see.

There is another quote in the article that I would also assume that would be used against Mr. Camp:

Campaigning to me is a thing of the past. I want nothing to do with it. This job is so much more important. If I have Corps members I’m close to that if they weren’t in the Corps, they’d be dead.

So it’s not that you had some alienating moment with campaigns.
I had many alienating moments. But it was always like, “What else am I going to do?” I don’t have a college degree. It wasn’t like I had some fallback. We do important work, compared to campaigning, where it’s like “I got some asshole elected who’s going to forget about me.”

Oh Gheez. The world of politics is one of parsed words and intellectual sophistry. I can hardly wait to see the spin on this one.

I am wondering if Rick Perry and his crew did any vetting at all about their team? Again, I know Mr. Camp – he is good at what he does, but the Obama thing is going to be embarrassing. The David Reade thing is going to cause trouble in conservative circles and the North State. Add in the fact that one of the top Guns for Perry in California (John Peshong) voted against the conservative platform is establishing a pattern that I don’t think Team Perry wants.

Meanwhile, Mitt Romney is hitting his stride, folks.