Sep 152011

Have you seen the recent STOP SB48 emails bearing the name of Doug LaMalfa and Gentlemen Jim Nielsen?

For those of you familiar with Jim Nielsen’s role in the attempted gutting of the 2012 CRP Platform – including eliminating any mention of a stand on “Homosexual Issues” – you’d wonder why Nielsen is suddenly interested in a referendum against forced Homosexual indoctrination of our children…

Allow your intrepid blogger to focus the issue. Occasionally a busted clock gets something right – this being the Capitol Resource Institute. We have highlighted the Capitol Resource Institute and their astounding conflicts of interest and connections to electeds. (In particular, Doug LaMalfa and Jim Nielsen)

Nielsen has been getting hammered – including by yours truly on the front page of the California Republican Assembly’s newsletter for his role in the attempted evisceration of the CRP Platform. Nielsen is obviously feeling the heat and the recent email from the CRI regarding their SB48 issue that is signed by Gentleman Jim is 100% a by-product of the pain the real CRA is inflicting on him because of his actions.

This is a by-product of reforming CRA, Nielsen and David Stafford Reade can no longer manipulate CRA – now they have accountability for their actions.

The CRI is 100% right to be leading the SB48 referendum – however, if this is like their fake Prop 8 site or the SB777 Referendum, they should be sued for screwing over California. The SB48 thing needs to qualify as the homosexual lobby has gone to communist extremes to force their agenda down people’s throats – if the CRI is simply using this issue to raise money, then they should burn in hell. If the CRI is serious and gets this thing across the finish line – I will applaud them as everyone else that values freedom and the rights of parents to educate their children should.

Nielsen? He’s a liberal that parades around his district as a conservative. His Chief of Staff – the ethically-challenged David Stafford Reade is on the CRI’s board of directors. There’s your nexus.

… and the Platform Fight? It has gone national – look here for One News Now coverage that features a quote from Real CRA President Celeste Grieg.

What is the platform that Jim Nielsen helped create for the CRP? Click here to see a fantastic analysis from CRA Senate District Director Rohit Joy. Nielsen is now outed is a liberal, no matter how many emails he signs.


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