Aug 112011

There has been a ton of wailing and gnashing of teeth over the California Republican Party Platform recently and the CRA’s recent upheaval.

There is a connection now – provided to us by Moderate Republican Assemblyman Jim Nielsen.

Nielsen was endorsed by CRA in 2008 and 2010. One of those times, Nielsen was endorsed over current Shasta RA President “Colonel Pete” Stiglich. Another time, it was over retired Marine Colonel and CRA member Charlie Schaupp.

There are many that argue about Nielsen’s contributions to the Republican Party and about his Conservative record. A quick look at the 2009 and 2010 CRA scorecard shows Nielsen checking in with some of the lowest CRA scores this side of Abel Maldonado. Nielsen finished with 72% in 2009 and 76% in 2010.

Nielsen also made the motion to adopt the completely gutted CRP platform as proposed by the drafting committee. Despite Jim Nielsen’s attempts at spin control – people were there, people observed his votes against re-inserting pro-life and pro-gun language in to the platform.

Click here to see an in-depth analysis of the Jim Nielsen CRP Platform. (Hat tip to CRA Senate Director Rohit Joy)

By comparison – Assemblymember Dan Logue who was not endorsed by CRA in 2008 scored 94% in both 2009 and 2010.

How would a moderate who presided over the destruction of the CRP Platform, who voted to expand Mello-Roos taxes, who voted to tax blueberries, voted to put Prop 14 on the ballot, etc. Get a CRA endorsement twice?

The Siskiyou, Sutter, Tehama, South Butte, Yolo, Yuba CRA – that’s how.

The Sutter, Tehama, Yolo and Yuba RA were chartered by former CRA members in 2007 and maintained by them to control CRA endorsements in the North State. Currently, the Sutter RA is run by real CRA members, the Tehama RA (which is run by Jim Nielsen’s district director) is under scrutiny and the Yuba and Yolo RA were de-chartered for gross fraud at the 7/23/2011 CRA board meeting.

The Siskiyou RA and the South Butte RA were chartered in 2009 by the same former CRA members in order to make sure no endorsement would occur in a hotly contested primary. The South Butte RA is currently in jeopardy and the Siskiyou RA has since been taken over by real CRA members.

The Siskiyou, Tehama, South Butte, Sutter, Yolo and Yuba RA’s also sent college students as CRA delegates to the 2010 Buena Park CRA Convention to support Meg Whitman.

This is how a moderate like Jim Nielsen got a CRA endorsement – a string of dubious CRA units, including several that are proven frauds.

Jim Nielsen’s CRA endorsement is the most prominent case for CRA reform today. I am hopeful that real CRA members will lock arms in a common effort to reform CRA so that this kind of fraud and manipulation will not happen again.

(Note: Yuba did not have jurisdiction in AD02 – but the other 5 units provided the necessary delegates to override the other legitimate units in the district. In addition, The Glenn and Colusa RA abstained at the 2010 local CRA endorsing convention)

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