Aug 012011

For $1000, you can buy the silence of a “Conservative” Group, apparently. Not a peep from the Capitol Resource Institute, or its’ employees about Jim Nielsen leading the charge to decimate the Republican Party Platform in California.

“Conservative” Assemblymember and would be return State Senator Jim Nielsen was busy this weekend. What was he doing?

Jim Nielsen was leading the “drafting committee” of the California Republican Party this weekend. The CRA and Conservatives ran a great drill to retain control of the Platform Committee itself, but the same folks that ran a drill for the drafting committee got wiped out by the Moderates.

Jim Nielsen calls himself a Conservative – just look at his campaign signs. This blogger knows better – Nielsen is liberal with the truth regarding his residency and liberal with our tax dollars.

He was also liberal with his delegate appointments to the California Republican Party – Jordan England (the daughter of Karen, who was also the recipient of that infamous check in 2008 that Karen has used in her jihad), Cyndy Taylor (the would-be CRA delegate from Temescal Valley, who likely won’t ever forget where Temescal Valley is again) and Phyllis Wing (the would-be CRA delegate from Monrovia). Cyndy and Phyllis are two of Karen’s top recruits for her jihad in Placer County.

I wonder if Cyndy Taylor and Phyllis Wing would be happy to know that their suitor to the California Republican Party was a liberal? I’ll lay odds Karen England doesn’t care becuase the check cashed.

Gentleman Jim was up to his usual tricks – just like when he was calling people to go up on Prop 1-a, the largest tax increase in California State History, he was standing on the floor of the drafting committee meeting advocating for the 21st Century California Republican Party Platform. What is the “21st Century Republican Party Platform”?

((POOF!)) There goes the Pro-Life Plank.

((POOF!)) insert nebulous language about supporting the “traditional family”. In the words of one drafting committee member, Len Lenzi, “The Traditional Family means one thing in San Francisco County and another thing in Los Angeles”.

I feel just so warm and squishy inside.

Oh and ((POOF!)) There goes the Pro-2nd amendment plank, too, again replaced with nebulous platitudes. Heaven forbid we get anywhere near anything controversial!

Gentleman Jim did not vote when Committee Members Mike Spence and Craig DeLuz offered a motion to recommend the old language from the previous Republican Party platform regarding the protection of life. In fact, only Spence and DeLuz voted yes.

Jim Nielsen actually voted no when CCA Chairman Mark Pruner (and Yolo GOP Chairman from inside Nielsen’s current Assembly District) brought up the current Pro-Life and Pro-Prop-8 language to be added to the draft platform they were currently working on. Pruner was not a member of the drafting committee – but had standing to make a presentation.

The cavalcade continues – this time, Nielsen does look like a fiscal conservative. That $1000 went a long way…

Meantime – the Platform Committee, controlled by real CRA conservatives is going to have to re-write the platform of Jim Nielsen’s drafting committee.

And, to think – 1/2 of Nielsen’s staff were involved in trying to influence the outcome of the CRA officer elections! (Spread out amongst CRA Units in Corona, Huntington Beach and Yuba – like their boss, residency shouldn’t get in the way of one’s goals…)

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