Aug 102011

The San Diego RA – like the Camp Pendleton Unit existed as a zombie unit used by political consultants to engineer endorsement outcomes. The San Diego RA was de-chartered unanimously by the CRA’s board of directors at the 7/23 board meeting.

The purpose of this expose’ is to reveal the fraud that many of us on the Contract with the CRA team knew existed. By exposing this fraud for all to see – it lays out a clear and compelling case for the reforms being enacted by the team that wants to see the CRA return to its’ role of pre-eminence in the California Republican Party.

When contacted by the Credentials Committee, this unit’s officers refused to provide records of membership or bylaws, in violation of Section 10.07.

The unit submitted Misty Tienken (a Legislative staff member) as a Delegate to the 2011 CRA Convention.  When asked, she was not able to answer simple questions about when her unit met, how she was elected as a Delegate, or who was the leader of the unit.  There is no evidence that this unit met and elected Delegates in accordance with Section 10.04.

Three members on the unit roster with expired dues were Convention Delegates on the “Romney List” from the 2007 Presidential Endorsing Convention: Paul and Peri Ann Allen from Sacramento and Robert Statham from Orangevale.  The delegate registration fees were paid by the Romney for President campaign.

This unit’s Delegate List for the 2011 Annual Convention was faxed from John Bovee’s Sacramento office, suggesting that they did not meet and elect their Delegates in accordance with Section 10.04.

Strangely, the annual membership dues for all 15 members listed expire on the same day: 4/30/2012.  This suggests that dues were paid after the CRA Convention in April, but there is no evidence of such payments.  There is no evidence that this unit collected the mandated annual dues from its members ($25 per person, plus $10 for each additional person from the same household) and remitted those dues to CRA.

The CRA Membership Records indicate that the unit fell below the minimum threshold of eleven members at some point in 2008 or 2009, which is a violation of Section 6.03.

The unit lists Rorick (or Rory) Luepton as a member, but Mr. Luepton is also listed as the Vice President of the Stanton Republican Assembly, with a different address on the Stanton roster.  This appears to be a violation of Section 4.06 concerning duplicate membership.

Furthermore, there is no record that this unit participated in any of the CRA Conventions between 2007 and 2011, in violation of Section 6.02.

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