Aug 102011

Boy did I blow it on this one.

I drank the Kool-Aid big time.

For about 2 1/2 years – I have had a front-row seat to Karen England and her recruits attempting to drag George and Tom Hudson in front of a grand jury.

It was also easy to see that due to the extreme financial nexus between Karen England’s “Charity” and the campaign finance reports of Ted Gaines, Beth Gaines and Doug LaMalfa – that they would be suddenly interested in the machinations of the Placer GOP.

I guess I blew it on this one. Jeff Atteberry and Joe Dorr (the 2nd Vice Chair of the Placer GOP Cent Com) had a sit-down with the three electeds at the CRP headquarters in Sacramento.

Doug LaMalfa showed leadership.
Ted Gaines showed leadership.
Beth Gaines showed leadership.

All three showed genuine concern for the Placer County Republican Party and a commitment to its’ success. They also showed a genuine interest in reconciliation and getting more Republicans elected and registered to vote.

LaMalfa, Jeff and Joe Dorr had a discussion about the issues vexing the Central Committee and LaMalfa drew some astute conclusions. Doug LaMalfa himself said that the Headquarters Partnership was not the issue and was “off the table”.

This is significant as it is that entity that has been the nexus of all of the insane attacks from the last 2 1/2 years. Doug LaMalfa looked at Ted Gaines during the course of the conversation and said that what was being asked by the accusers was the same as asking Ted Gaines to hand over the books of his Insurance Company or his Senate Campaign.

Ted Gaines and Doug LaMalfa both agreed that what needs to happen is for the last few years’ financial records from the Central Committee itself to be reviewed for accuracy.

Jon Green and Auburn Councilmember Mike Holmes interrupted the report of the meeting with retorts of “This is bull—-“. Cheryl Bly-Chester proceeded to take up the next 20-30 minutes of the meeting leveling more accusations and asking dozens of accusatory questions.

Jon Green left the meeting saying, “I think I am sick”.

I find it bizarre that Doug LaMalfa’s allies on the Placer County Republican Central Committee made a scene after a resolution was suggested by the Senator himself.

They did not want to hear what the electeds had to say, rather the important issue to them was why Mike Holmes and Cheryl Bly-Chester were not at the meeting. Eventually, once they stopped accusing Chariman Jeff Atteberry of malfeasance – Ted Gaines’ scheduler became the whipping girl.

Of other significant interest was Cheryl characterizing both Dave Titus (Beth Gaines’ Chief of Staff) and Mark Spannagel (Doug LaMalfa’s Chief of Staff) as saying that they thought Jeff Atteberry was avoiding having such a meeting.

When Cheryl was asked again to get statements in writing from Titus and Spannagel – she backtracked and said those two used the word “balking” at a meeting.

I am confused – it looks like Doug LaMalfa, Ted Gaines and Beth Gaines made a good faith effort to bring resolution only to have cries of bull—- and accusations leveled against their staff.

Meantime – people are signing up for the Placer GOP BBQ, the Golf Tournament and the Central Committee approved a location for the 2/11/2012 Lincoln Day Dinner.

I do owe Gaines, Gaines and LaMalfa kudos for standing up and leading. I can not apologize in this venue as Cheryl in her usual team-building attitude brought up a Censure resolution against this blogger at the end of the meeting. I had written about half a post apologizing to the electeds for setting them on fire for the last 6-8 weeks, but I can’t post it now as it would only look like I am trying to defend myself.

… so even after the electeds exert leadership, the minority on the Central Committee, (consisting of their allies) found two ways to extend the in-fighting.

For what its’ worth Karen England said that while she was offended by what was written on this blog, that I have a right to free speech.

Cheryl said that she was going to look through the Central Committee By-Laws to find the basis for her censure resolution.

I have to admit I was surprised by the resolve of Doug LaMalfa, Beth Gaines and Ted Gaines to restore peace. I assigned intent to them that was simply not on display when they met with Jeff Atteberry and Joe Dorr.

I was not surprised by the behavior of the members of the minority – further proof that “if you can’t control it, destroy it” is still the M.O. of the day.

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