Jul 132011

Most of you that read this blog realize that Team Karen England sued the CRA to attempt to enforce their intended fraud. Once the legal muzzle is off of me – I will be able to go into greater detail to explain the massive fraud that was attempted at the CRA to attempt to install Karen England as CRA President. Without asking the obvious character questions about someone who would seek to benefit from state-wide fraud in order to gain political power, just read on…

Recently, I cross-referenced the CRA’s official membership records with lists I obtained of the staff of Doug LaMalfa and Jim Nielsen.

I had written previously about the extraordinary connections between the Capitol Resource Institute (Karen’s Employers) and the recent attacks by Senator LaMalfa against the Placer CRA. This expose’ is intended to demonstrate the level of embarrassment that Team LaMalfa and Team Nielsen suffered at the CRA convention as an additional nexus for their desire to exact revenge. (Please understand that Placer CRA has played a pivotal role in State CRA politics for years – it makes as a large target.)

Here is the list of LaMalfa / Nielsen staff that were cross-referenced on CRA membership rolls:

Alice Alecu – Huntington Beach  (she lives in Carmichael)
Lisa Buescher – South Butte (she lives in Lincoln)
Steve Dixon – Huntington Beach (He lives in Sacramento)
Jerome Crow – President of Tehama RA
Kevin Eastman – Yuba RA (he lives in Sacramento)
Mary Grundman – Huntington Beach (she lives in Sacramento)
Brenda Haynes – Corona Hills (She lives in Redding 590 miles away)
Kelly King – South Butte (She lives in Chico, N Butte)
Chris Norden – Yuba RA (He lives in Sacramento)
David Reade – President of Yolo RA
Tiffany Ryan – Huntington Beach (she lives in Elk Grove)
Erin Ryan – W Corona (she lives in Palo Cedro 589 miles away)
Christine Rydell (and Chuck) – Huntington Beach (they live in Auburn, CA)
Mark Spannagel – President of Yuba RA (lives in Penryn)
Jennifer Saylor – South Butte (Lives in Auburn)

The Huntington Beach RA suddenly grew to 80 members after having been inactive for years. That unit submitted 9 delegates, all from Huntington Beach – however, their alternates included the above 6 on this list and guess who showed up to the CRA Convention to vote!

In addition – the Yuba, South Butte and Yolo RA are all under intense scrutiny at the upcoming CRA Board meeting for numerous violations of the CRA By-Laws. (In layman’s terms, Fraud)

You can see that the above three units were controlled by Team LaMalfa / Nielsen for years. When you add the Tehama RA that is controlled by Jerome Crow (Nielsen’s district director) it starts to make sense to the uninformed why they would be upset with us.

There’s more – Karen England’s daughter Jordan was appointed to the CRP by Nielsen, so were two of Karen’s top Lieutenants in Placer who have been leveling personal attacks against the Placer CRA members on the Placer GOP Central Committee.

There is also the $1,000 check from Nielsen to the Capitol Resource Institute as well. (This post would not be complete without some more money.)

As an added bonus – there is a David Weiher listed on Nielsen’s Campaign finance report who received some money for consulting work. Weiher lives in Granite Bay and was listed, along with his wife as a would be delegate from the Yolo CRA. (Yolo is also the unit that Karen attempted to serve as a delegate from)

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