Jul 222011

I will ask a series of questions.

1. Can Doug LaMalfa and his staff let go of the underlying issues to make for honest negotiations based on trust?

2. Will Ted Gaines break with his past pattern of conflict avoidance and detachment to engage in a significant role?

3. If yes to 1 and 2 – then do they try to bring the sides together? Or, will they do what so many elected officials have done in the past, try to pull rank and dictate terms?

4. Will the cause of the current drama on the Central Committee be dealt with? Specifically, will the individual who went to the media multiple times, who has gone to tea parties to drive a wedge between them and us and who continues to push despite the will of most to move on – be dealt with?

5. What will be done to repair the damage after all of this is resolved?

6. What will be done to prevent political reprisals in the future?

I have communicated with a few on the committee who have told me flat out that they intend to interfere with the operations of the committee unless they get their way regarding this issue. That attitude is dead wrong – they know it and we all know it.

The Central figure in this current drama, Karen England, has demonstrated that she never lets go of anything (amongst a laundry list). She still rehashes “offenses” in some cases from 7-10 years ago when she is recruiting new lieutenants to carry out her jihad against Tom, George and I. That pattern has repeated itself multiple times over the years – this is the main reason why she has been referred for expulsion from the CRA, as she brought her jihad against the three of us to the state level and it made a ton of good people angry with her. (and the small matter of being the primary beneficiary and encouraging two lawsuits against the CRA.)

Having been around the Central Committee for years – there have always been wars. People that serve on Central Committees tend to be strong personalities that want to micro-manage everything. Fights break out all the time. The level it has gone to now is absurd.

I gotta be honest – I think the hill is too tall to climb. I frankly don’t know if LaMalfa, England and others really want to fix the problems or if they are preparing for another assault on their political enemies. Past performance indicates that this is the expected result.

Karen England ran and hid from the July Cent Com meeting where Doug and Ted were talking reconciliation because that word is not in her vocabulary. Even two days ago, I got another inquiry over things Karen has said about us!

I do believe Ted Gaines wants reconciliation – that is consistent with his nature. Ted hates conflict and he needs to have things working functionally as he is going to have a tough road to re-election no matter what his district ends up being.

So there you have it. Despite what some think – the current maladies on the Central Committee have been a team effort driven largely  by one individual whose hatred of a few has had collateral damage all over the place.

Ultimately, the success or failure of any sort of reconciliation rests in the hands of Doug LaMalfa. I am not sure that’s what he bargained for when he allowed Karen England to talk him in to engaging in this issue.

Ted Gaines could be a big winner here if he stands up and leads. There could be healing and reconciliation amongst members of the committee as well – save for the one bad apple.

I am not hopeful.

Stay tuned, next week – the expose’ on the massive fraud at the state CRA level is going to be exposed. This will start the restoration of the CRA and will also explain a lot of the background for the current events.

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