Jul 212011

The Placer CRA has maintained a majority on the Placer County Republican Central Committee since the attempted moderate coup in 2002.

The current batch of CRA members involve from D5: Mark Wright the former treasurer, his wife Beth and Fred Eichenhofer, a realtor from Auburn.

Ken Higgins from District 3 is the longest-serving PCRCC member, serving slightly longer than Chairman Jeff Atteberry.

You have Joe Dorr, Ed Rowen, Cindy Rowen joining George Park and Jeff Atteberry to form the executive board.

You have Lynn Kyme and Lynn McCaleb as appointees of nominees.

Rounding out the CRA Contingent are myself, David Patterson and Tom Hudson.

Jim D’ Orso and Phil Ozenick are free-spirits and are not necessarily aligned with either side.

That rounds out the lineup card so to speak.

Ted Gaines and Doug LaMalfa have gotten themselves square in to the middle of this mess. It is now a political football.

As I stated in the previous post – Gaines and LaMalfa are also pinned in an un-winnable game as they are pitted between Karen England and the CRA.

Bly-Chester, Green, Spencer Short, et. al. don’t have any real skin in the game – only Karen England. Karen has already come up short several times and her image in the Conservative community has been irreparably damaged.

This current situation highlighting her alliance with the “Moderate-Liberal” faction of the Placer GOP Committee and the fact that it is now out in the media is another nail in the rapidly closing coffin.

And now Doug LaMalfa is climbing in to it, too.

How does the mess get fixed?

There is a perception amongst several – largely created by the unbelievable amount of mess that has been thrown through the fan that George Park and Tom Hudson are toxic.

That is dead wrong. They may both lose the personality game or may not have gotten a passing score from Dale Carnegie – but that does not make them corrupt.

I don’t just write this because of my close relationship to Tom Hudson, one of my most true and loyal friends in politics – I know who Hudson is, he is an honest man that has been the subject of an obsessive smear campaign. The same goes for George – he is my brother, with whom I have worked in the same office for 14 years. I know him better than anyone.

The fact that George and Tom are targeted is as much a personality game as anything.

Any way you cut it, Karen England is toxic.

The first consideration is what to do with the three main “lightening rods” – while acknowledging the will of the 15-8 majority on the Central Committee.

The second is the gross lack of trust from the CRA toward both Senator Gaines and LaMalfa due to their close ties with Karen England and the timing of their imposition in to the matters of the Cent Com.

Ted Gaines and Doug LaMalfa have put themselves on the hook for the success of the negotiations to resolve the Central Committee Mess.

Don’t forget Jeff Atteberry – he is a good man, a considerate man with a servant’s heart who is getting shot at by all – including getting put on the spot at the 7/13 meeting by Doug LaMalfa.

Jeff Atteberry has been pushed to the point where he is having trouble remaining his usual considerate, professional self.

In the final installment – I will lay it out.

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