Jul 202011

I have been in and around Placer GOP politics for years, including the Cent Com. There have always been battles, arguments and the like… but not like now. In the past, Karen England couldn’t be bothered with the Central Committee – now that she is a part of it, it is World War III.

First – let’s take a look at a few of the players on the Cent Com:

The aforementioned Karen England – a “Conservative” whose desire to exact revenge on political opponents has been the subject of a few weeks of posts.  Hell hath no fury.

Cheryl Bly-Chester – she gets blamed for a lot of the discord. I have reason to believe that she is just an aggressive type-A personality with her own agenda. By her own description of herself, she is a Social Liberal – putting her at odds with the CRA on ideological grounds.

While Cheryl and I have deep disagreements – my perception of her is that she tells the truth as she believes it to be.

Jon Green – I have excellent rapport with Jon. We go at each other on various issues, but we have worked very well together in the past on the Placer GOP endorsement committee.

We are known to hug after meetings.

Like Cheryl, Jon is convinced of wrong-doing regarding that controversial entity. Both ask a ton of questions and the tone is often confrontational.

However, In past committee terms, Both Jon and Cheryl have had periods of time where neither were participating in discord. This shows a clear contrast between them and Karen England.

Murriel Oles is aligned with the above two – but she has distinguished herself with some professionalism in her inquiries and disagreements.

I could see Murriel Oles playing a significant role in any mediation.

Mike Holmes – Auburn Councilmember usually spends his time at the cent com meetings taunting George and Jeff Atteberry.

Spencer Short – speaks up occasionally but is lock-step with the minority. I have endorsed his recall from his seat in Lincoln – making him less likely to want to cut a deal on the Cent Com.

In the middle you have Maria Trunzo who has a heart to serve the party and really wants the conflict to end. Maria is doing yoeman work on an upcoming Placer County Republican Central Committee fundraiser.

Bill Halldin is a CRA member who is not 100% in lock step with the CRA. He wants to be involved in trying to mediate a compromise. He has consistently maintained that there needs to be some sort of exposure of records to resolve the issue.

I could see Bill Halldin playing a significant role in any mediation.

Maria has abstained from voting on most issues related to the evil HQP – while the rest of the above players make up most of the 8 votes against resolution.

Most of the above are aligned with Senator Doug LaMalfa.

On the Placer CRA side are the 15 member majority, most of whom you do not know because they typically do not do things to get themselves noticed. Most have been pushed to the point of swearing over this latest round of controversy that Karen England and Senator LaMalfa have pushed.

And therin lies the rub – Senator Doug LaMalfa and to a lesser extent Senator Ted Gaines are in the middle of this mess. (Due in no small part to Karen England pulling them in to this)

They are also caught in between a rock and a hardplace. The Targets of evil are the recognized conservative volunteers. Both Ted Gaines and Doug LaMalfa have prided themselves on their conservative voting records.

Ultimately, their superior CRA scorecard ratings were a factor in their elections.

So how do you negotiate a peace given the history and the disposition of the members on the Central Committee? Who are the players on the CRA side?

To be continued…

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