Jul 172011

Those of you that have observed Placer GOP Politics know that Doug LaMalfa doesn’t like George, Tom Hudson or myself very much.

Several months back, I posted an apology on this blog to the Senator for crossing the line in political attacks in the 2010 campaign. Apparently, either the Senator did not believe me or he saw the apology as a sign of weakness – which is the primary risk you take when apologizing to a political adversary.

When LaMalfa and his staff were all in to try and get Karen elected President of the State CRA, LaMalfa renewed hostilities by taking a cheap shot at George in the Flashreport.

Karen England’s pattern has been to use surrogates to do her dirty work – we all know it’s her, but she maintains a thin veneer of deniability. That smokescreen has been lifted, this time courtesy of the local media.

I have spoken with a few people off the record who insisted that they have not gone to the local media and that they have no association with Karen England. The conversations have been revealing.

I am led to believe that we have a few people on the Central Committee with ideaological differences with the CRA that are always going to be an “irritated minority”, but the real nexus is that they hate Tom Hudson and to a lesser extent, George.

Then I come and complete the three-piece set – as Tom Hudson, George and I have been very closely allied for years. I tend to do better in the personality arena than the other two – so there has been some separation in the attacks.

The recent Bee article sheds light on the real source of the toxic environment on the Central Committee.

Only Karen England and Doug LaMalfa were quoted in that article and their quotes were/are doozies.

“I know many people on that committee who are good servants to the cause, but there are some there that are not really playing above board,” said Republican Sen. Doug LaMalfa of Richvale. “A lot of funny stuff (is) going on with where the money’s going or how many hands it’s going through before a check actually gets cut.

Where I come from that is insinuating embezzlement or money laundering – but worse, the targets of this attack, George Park and tom Hudson are Republican Volunteers with stellar pedigrees of service to the GOP.
And the Senator’s close political ally, Karen England chimed in:

Karen England, a committee member and GOP activist who has long criticized the rental arrangement, said her concerns with Headquarters Partnership grew after her daughter was paid for campaign work conducted on behalf of the committee with a check from Headquarters Partnership. England says FBI agents contacted her with questions about the arrangement in fall 2010. The FBI declined to say whether it is conducting an investigation.

“I have a fiduciary responsibility. I want to see the books,” England said.

A couple of problems, Karen was not on the committee until Jan 2011. In Jan 2011, the committee ended its’ relationship with the controversial entity.

For two years, Karen has been waiving a copy of said check in front of numerous Tea Parties in efforts to recruit volunteers to gain political advantage in local politics. Anecdotal evidence as manifest by the behavior of her recruits and some of her own writings suggests that she has told hundreds, maybe thousands of people stories of graft and corruption in Placer.

Karen England brought the “FBI situation” in to the recent CRA convention in order to gain political advantage and appears to have done it again in the hit piece that I believe she used her media savvy to get printed. The irony is when she claims the FBI visited her – she was not a member of the committee at that time (Oct 2010) – she was running for Lt. Governor against the nominee of the Republican Party.

Karen is the only person the FBI has ever called – if she is telling the truth. I know a string of political types that she has either lied to or who have been the victims of her lies (aka slander)

Karen England and Doug LaMalfa did not stop with the Bee Article – they went to the next level.

(To Be Continued)

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