Jul 252011

Part of the nexus for the Doug LaMalfa / Jim Nielsen revenge mission against the Placer County Republican Party is in the fact that not only did CRA Officers submit Mark Spannagel, David Reade and Karen England for expulsion from the CRA for defrauding the organization (or suing the CRA), but their Northern California endorsement machine has been exposed and dealt with by the CRA  Board of directors.

I have personally witnessed the Yuba, Yolo and South Butte CRA get used to send campaign and legislative staff to local CRA endorsing conventions to rig the outcome of CRA endorsements. The Placer and N Butte CRA for example are populated with real people who are getting the shaft by these units that were formed specifically to take the CRA away from real CRA members.

Tom Hudson, George and I stood in front of the train at the 2011 CRA officer election convention specifically to stand up to this fraud.

The South Butte CRA was put in Jeopardy by the CRA Board of directors in an effort to rehabilitate the unit versus destroying it outright.

Now that the legal gag has been removed – let’s start with South Butte CRA:

The unit roster still lists the three Meg Whitman staff members who attended the 2010 convention as Delegates.  They were from San Diego, San Marcos and Hanford, suggesting that the Delegates could not possibly have been elected in accordance with Section 10.04.

The wide geographic distribution of the unit membership, with members from places like San Diego, San Marcos, Hanford, Lincoln, and Auburn suggests that actual general membership meetings have been logistically improbable, indicating a violation of Section 10.05.

When contacted by the Credentials Committee, the unit’s officers refused to provide records of membership or bylaws, in violation of Section 10.07.

Carlos Rivera was submitted as an Alternate from this unit for the April 2011 Convention, but he does not show up on the membership records at all, in violation of Section 4.01, Section 4.03, and Section 4.06.

The South Butte Republican Assembly also lists Stephanie Smith as a member, but so does the North Butte unit.  Both have the same exact contact information, indicating a clear violation of Section 4.06 concerning duplicate membership.

Karon LaMalfa is listed as a member of the South Butte unit, but Doug LaMalfa (at the same address) is listed as a member of the North Butte unit.

The fifteen members used as the basis for the Delegates submitted for the Convention all have dues that expire on the same day: 12/31/2012.  There is no evidence that this unit collected the annual dues from its members ($25 per person, plus $10 for each additional person from the same household) and remitted those dues to CRA.

Did you get all of that? The significance of the duplicate member (other than fraud) is that member was member #25 that got the S Butte CRA a 4th convention delegate. (24 members would only get you 3) It is also bizarre that a husband and wife would be members of separate units.

This unit was used to send three college students to the 2010 CRA Convention to serve as delegates / staff for Meg Whitman. I wonder if the Republicans in South Butte County were aware or approving of that? It is certainly a 100% violation of the spirit of the CRA to do such a thing – all the while those doing it were claiming it was legal and attacking those of us that pointed out the morality of said behavior.

Finally – the fact that every member’s dues expire on 12/31/2012 should give you pause. 12/31/2011 hasn’t even happened yet? Did this unit pay for two years?

Fasten your seat belts – there are plenty more where this came from.

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