Jun 032011

Jennifer Montgomery is a left-wing haight-ashbury disciple.

Jack Duran is a moonbat product of the Labor Unions.

Jim Holmes is the nice-guy Democrat-Turned-Republican with donors and friends that read like a whos who of Placer County Liberals. (and a few of us Conservatives thrown in there for good measure)

None of the above got the award. Robert Weygant did.

I like Robert on an inter-personal level. He is approachable and clearly explains where he is coming from… I agree with the concept of his Placer County Conservation Plan, but not with the wads of open space he has led the county to spend its’ scarce resources on.

I had to do a double-take when I saw this. I have long heard the criticism that Robert is too “Green”. I tend to agree with that criticism after seeing this.

The article itself from the Sierra Club is pretty innocent and devoid of the usual nature worship that they engage in… but it still gave me pause.

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