May 232011

The Chico News and Review is a liberal rag – we all know this. However, they have some very valid points about Jim Nielsen.

Some of you un-initiated to local politics should be aware that the primary accuser of the Placer GOP Central Committee is the executive director of a “non-profit” (a 501c4) that accepted $27,500 from the campaign account of Doug LaMalfa – a fact not disclosed while they went on a rampage of accusing Rick Keene and his supporters of corruption.

Those recruited for this Jihad were members of the local Tea Parties. The Tea Party is supposed to be about ethics in Government (which is why this LaMalfa supporter used “corruption” as a recruiting tool) but also lower taxes and smaller government. Tea Parties are also supposed to stand for truth in government – yet some attended Placer events and apparently reported on them omitting facts and making others up to suit a paradigm…

But – I have been told that there are many in the Tea Party that are constructive and helpful to electing good people.

Aside from the group I met that were helping Carly Fiorina and the group in Rocklin that helped my Mother’s campaign – I have seen far more that are bent on disruption… maybe that has as much to do with many being recruited in to the jihad than it does anything else.

The leader of this jihad and accuser of the Placer GOP Central Committee has a financial interest – and if you are the executive director of a “charity” then a donor to your “charity” constitutes a financial interest – in Jim Nielsen and is now trying to sell the same elements of the local Tea Parties on Jim Nielsen. Nielsen has already appointed some of her lieutennants to the State CRP – she and these lieutennants voted for Pro-Choice, Republicans should not be so rigid Arnie Zeiderman for CRP Vice Chair North.

Are you confused yet? With LaMalfa – I could see how there could be a distinction as LaMalfa’s voting record was slightly to the right of Rick Keene… but Arnie Zeiderman and Jim Nielsen?

Enter the Chico News and Review

former CN&R Editor George Thurlow documented in an exhaustive investigative piece in October 1990, Nielsen’s ethical lapses went well beyond lying about his residence. Among other things, during his tenure as a state senator (1978-90), he took a salary from a major pesticide distributor while working to kill pesticide reform bills; funneled campaign funds to his wife as income; and lobbied for and then voted for a $500,000 state grant, the bulk of which ended up going to a cogeneration plant in Williams in which he and his wife had a business interest

Nielsen also voted against then Governor Deukmejian’s proposed tax rebate, choosing instead to spend the money with the Democrats. Nielsen also voted to give illegal aliens healthcare.

Nielsen, as an assemblyman was lobbying people to go up on Prop 1-a – the largest tax increase in state history that is set to expire at the end of June. It doesn’t stop there – the deal to get Abel Maldonado to vote for Prop 1-a included putting Prop 14 on the ballot. Jim Nielsen supported that and has an overall CRA score some 20+ points lower than Doug LaMalfa.

And now you should really be asking about motives.

Jim Nielsen will be running for State Senate against Dan Logue. Logue authored Prop 23 – the effort to suspend California’s insane global warming law (which is being expanded by Jerry Brown). The dominos are set up like this… North State Congressman Wally Herger is retiring. Doug LaMalfa will jump from State Senate to Congress – this opens up Doug LaMalfa’s State Senate seat for a Logue vs Nielsen race.

This is why there have been so many cheap shots fired at Dan Logue by the accuser and her allies.

Dan Logue is a realitor, not a lawyer. Jim Nielsen is a liberal, not a farmer. This is a completely different set up – and maybe those recruits in the Local Tea Party will see Nielsen for who he really is and they will call BS.

I have shown more evidence in this blog that Nielsen is a Liberal than anyone has that the Placer Cent Com is Corrupt!

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