May 032011

The CRA ByLaws are clear about delegate selection, 10.07 is clear about the requirement for records to be available. Beyond those two sections – take a look at the below as this is why the convention did what it did:

We have units that don’t cash dues checks
We have many units that don’t meet – that is documentable
We found people that said they were not CRA members when called
We had DTS voters submitted as delegates
We had people in multiple units
We had someone from Illinois submitted as a delegate
We had people in front of the convention that:

Could not answer direct questions about when they were elected
Could not answer who their unit President was
Could not answer where their unit was on a map
Could not pronounce the name of their unit

We had people who had not transfered legally in accordance with Section 4.06 of the CRA By-Laws
We had four units whose rosters wered written out in the same handwriting and faxed in from John Bovee’s office

I didn’t even ask the string of questions that got worn out at the convention about why units were told not to send over records and whether these units met, elected their delegates, whether those delegates had even been to a meeting of the unit in question, etc.

And a team of officer candidates sought to benefit from the above in order to get elected.

I almost forgot – I found out that even after credentialling that several ineligible people still got to vote!

Brush aside the personal attacks (as the CRA election was as much about Karen’s viceral hatred of Tom, George and I as it was about issues) and ask the obvious question –

What does it say about Karen England, Maria England, Sara Blicharz, Ron Givens, Ben Lopez, and Scott Voigts that they would seek office knowing that the above would have to be allowed unchecked in order to get themselves elected?

This is called fraud, end of story – and fraud is not a conservative value.

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